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Engineering Drawing Projects Development - Help with Assignment and Homework

Engineering Drawing

Importance of engineering drawing in academic curriculum

Engineering Drawing is the basic stream in Engineering which provides fundamentals related to design and manufacturing of various components in the field of Engineering.

Basic fundamental knowledge of Engineering Drawing is not only needed for Mechanical engineers but also for all streams of engineers since every field of engineering involves Engineering Drawing in some or the other way. Hence Engineering Drawing is called as "Language of Engineers"

Let us have a look at few practical applications of Engineering Drawing that we use in our day-to- day activities.

Suppose if a client from Germany need to manufacture an engine of a bike in India, then how can he communicate his requirements of the engine to the manufacturer in India?

The only way to communicate is through design of the engine for which we require expertise knowledge in Engineering Drawing in order to understand and manufacture the engine.

Another most common application of Engineering Drawing is design of construction of homes and commercial industries. This design should be approved by a civil engineer to approve the construction legally.

Engineering Drawing has importance not only in design and manufacturing but also has its importance in study and analysis of various failed engineering components so as to alter or modify the existing design.

However Engineering Drawing is the basic for branches like Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Machine Drawing and Production Drawing.

It also plays major role in understanding and executing different design software's like Auto-CAD, Pro-E, ANSYS,Uni-Graphics, solid works etc.

Important Topics in Engineering Drawing:

Here we present few contents related to Engineering Drawing

1.      Construction of basic engineering curves like parabola, hyperbola, ellipse, cycloids.

2.      Construction of different types of scales-Plain scales, Vernier scales etc

3.      Orthographic Projections.

4.      Projection of Straight lines.

5.      Projection of points

6.      Projection of planes and solids

7.      Development of surfaces.

8.      Isometric Projection

9.      Sections of solids

10.     Perspective projections.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Engineering Drawing Problems:

The above said topics are only a few topics in Engineering Drawing. Since Engineering Drawing covers a vast area in Mechanical Engineering, we have to focus a lot of attention towards it.

Unlike the other subjects in Engineering, Engineering Drawing requires depth imagination power. Mostly Engineering Drawing will be studied by the students who have completed their 12th standard education.

Students at that level will be having less imagination power and hence find difficult in understanding Engineering Drawing concepts. So they need expert guidance to enhance their skills in Engineering Drawing.

Engineering Drawing requires lot of drawing skills which cannot be attained by most of the students without proper guidance of experts and thorough practice.

If a student has no sufficient knowledge of Engineering Drawing then it's very difficult for the student to understand and execute the design softwares like Auto-CAD, Pro-E, ANSYS, solid works etc.

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