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Management Information Systems-MIS

Importance of Management Information Systems (MIS) in Academic Curriculum

As the name indicates, Management Information Systems is the programming of information pertaining to any business concern and the effective management of the processed data.  In academic curriculum MIS forms a major part of business studies, where an idea on the performance of senior managers and the company along with the portfolio of events is concisely prepared and studied. It provides the students information on the operations of a concern, whether it is profit or non-profit oriented. By checking routine reports of a company, students can gain knowledge on the actual working of the concern against the planned work schedule. These provide the possibility of correctional measures and analyze the reasons for the gap in attaining the goals of the concern. 

Why students seek advice in Management Information Systems

Students may involve themselves in management information system scheduling which in due course may change due to modification of a company’s profile based on the requirements and developments. This constant change should be well accommodated in the software and provided with best alternatives.  Students, who are novice in the field of both computers as well as business information, might find it difficult to adapt to changes and modify the entire software to suit the changing requirement. They may face situations in which the work allotment is not according to the man power available, and so on.

Difficulties encountered in Management Information Systems (MIS)

The hindrances faced in developing software for MIS are the basic problems encountered. The software should be written in appropriate language which might be easy for the students to decipher and put into practical applications. The type of software integrated in the development of MIS has to be constantly upgraded to suit the ever-expanding needs of the company, which may be difficult for the students to follow.

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Portfolio of Services in Management Information Systems

The array of services offered here to cater to the needs of the student community and improve their natural talent is varied.  In spite of tutoring, home assignments and homework help are provided in many forums like profitability maintenance, loan allotment, accounting procedures which are acceptable for the concern, and gathering information which is appropriate and accurate. 

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