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Theory of Literature

In the submission of any form of dissertation or thesis, it is indispensable to review the available literature pertaining to the topic.  This literature refers to the publications brought out by the authors of dissertations or other research work in recognized journals and which will be coveted possessions of the authors who might have copyright over the material published or might have published them under free viewing category.  Whatever be the nature of publication, the research students who look up for review literature should make it mandatory to recognize the authors and cite them in their dissertation or thesis work so that it does not amount to plagiarism.

Review of literature is done under various heads depending on the type of research.  In case of social research on popular topics, there will not be any dearth of information in the form of publications and many publishers would have shared the abstract of the article, while some would be willing to publish the entire article for free circulation, in which case the student researchers can go through the entire article and collect material evidence for any part of their research, including supporting evidence for their results.

The breakup opted for review of literature enables the categorization of the topics under several divisions such that each heading will be dedicated to a particular subtopic.  For example, if the researcher is analyzing information on Diabetes Mellitus, the subtopics could be incidence of Diabetes Mellitus, factors leading to the occurrence of the condition, types of medications taken by patients, role of diet, and so on.  These subtopics provide significant and consequential information on the available research in the field which have been based on the various concepts and even testing of a novel food or drug or comparison between experimental and control groups will also be revealed in the studies.  By analyzing the accessible and obtainable literature, the researchers will get a fairly good idea of how to process their work, to avoid repetition of same type of ideas on samples, how to base sampling methods and in what manner the study results can be interpreted. 

The review of literature should follow a particular sequence, either in the form of relevance of information or chronological order, whichever is apt for the research settings.  The literature pertaining to the study should bring out any dearth of information prevailing or could target any new concepts introduced in the present scenario which might be better than the already existing ones.  For example, the use of robotics in diagnosis of ailments and in conducting surgeries could trace the current trends in the surgical techniques carried out by surgeons. 

Another important concept of the literature is the inclusion of apt and appropriate content which pertains to and suits the topic of the researcher.  Though the research published may target many other concepts, only those which are relevant to the particular research of the students should be considered, as unnecessarily trying to establish a correlation will bring about a deviation of the content from the actual ideas of the researcher. 

The source from which literature is obtained is an overriding factor in determining the authenticity of information.  Peer reviewed journals and journals with citation index are those which provide reliable and factual information.  The journals with better citation indices are those which are constantly referred to by experts in the field and there are numerous journals and latest published books available even online for the reference of the students and which could be either accessed free or charge a minimal fee for referring them.  Therefore, in the interests of the research scholar it is better to opt for trustworthy websites and publications, whether they are in print form or online versions.

Problems encountered in solutions to Literature

The main problem regarding writing of review of literature is that of relevance in terms of the content of the literature.  Many topics should be analyzed and scrutinized before writing the review of literature such that proper evidence in terms of information pertaining to the research topic.  However, important factors concerning the research should be present and highlighted in the review, which may not be possible if the students do not have time and capacity to interpret information according to their dissertation.

The next important aspect of abstract writing is the way in which headings are chosen.  Attention should be paid to the manner in which the topic titles are selected such that they provide relevance to the research title and they attribute to the success of the presentation of the thesis. 

Other contributions to literature include any new facts on particular topics.  Innovative methods of experimentation or social research play a significant role in the acceptability of the thesis or dissertation as it will improve the demand for such work. These points should be kept in mind by the students before initiating the writing task. 

Get help online from Literature experts

The provision of suitable guidance is essential for writing or incorporating relevant literature in the dissertation or thesis which will convince the examiners that the researchers have updated themselves with the latest references in the field for which they are to conduct their research. 

Also our website offers the guidance of expert tutors in collecting information on literature and reviewing them under appropriate heads with importance provided to the manner of presentation and organization. 

Much effort is required for the students to write the literature review while it is less cumbersome for the tutors as they would have written many such reviews and are trained in the concept of identifying information either online or in peer reviewed journals.  The position of the tutors is such that they work part time or full time and can devote sufficient time for the collection and review of information which is vital in presentation of literature. 

There should essentially be some sort of interaction between the students and tutors regarding how to present the literature in the dissertation, which will aid in better form of communication to be established between the tutors and students such that the tutors will match up their writing to the expectations of students and adhere to the norms laid down by the university or school. 

It is also obvious that the working pattern of tutors will be unique for each student, with individualized attention devoted to each student's thesis review of literature.  

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