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Leadership Theory

Importance of Leadership Theory in Academic curriculum

With the complexity of organizations increasing day-by-day, the importance of a subject like organizational behaviour is inevitable. It is one of the core subjects in a management course, irrespective of specialization. The focal point of any organization, the different elements in its hierarchy, interpersonal relationships and behaviour is a leader. Hence, Leadership Theory is part of the subject Organizations behaviour. The smooth functioning of an organization depends upon the efficiency of those who play leading roles. There is a leader in every department, a head, who monitors and controls the activities in the concerned department. It is the leader who has the power to boost the morale of employees, to maintain discipline, to establish a work culture and to shape the attitude of those who follow him. Management students are prospective leaders; hence a thorough understanding of Leadership Theory helps them to a great extent in shaping and moulding themselves early. Knowledge of Leadership theory leads to awareness regarding the different kinds of leaders.

Difficulties encountered in Leadership theory

Management science is a post-graduate course. Students who join management courses come from various disciplines like commerce, electronics and telecommunication, engineering, Arts, sometimes science and so on. Those with a science background are good in technical subjects while those from commerce background deal easily with finance and accounts. OB is basically a theoretical subject; it requires thorough understanding of concepts and good expression through appropriate language. Most management students do not have adequate linguistic background. Hence, they experience a need for some kind of help with subjects like Leadership Theories.

Why students seek advice in Leadership theory

In the first place, a theoretical subject like leadership theory is totally new for all management students because it is never studies earlier in any graduate degree course, unless the student is a graduate in management science.

As in all other subjects, students are required to write assignments and carry out projects related to the subject. In addition, they have to prepare for the theory papers and written tests and examinations.

Some students pursue a part time course because they work side-by-side. That leaves little time for completions, submissions, deadlines of internal assessment in the form of assignments and projects. All these are mere formality, but they carry marks for internal assessment, hence cannot be neglected.

Some students have to struggle to understand the leadership concepts, theories about the emergence of leaders, the different kinds of leaders, their traits, ideal leaders etc.

For one or all of these reasons, there is a tendency on the part of students to seek help in the subject leadership theory.

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