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Health and Social Care

It is really mind absorbing to know that the fact of people being aware regarding the importance of health and other combined topics are growing in numbers. It is important for the rising population to be effective in their own terms and knowledgeable in terms of the society's developmental requirement. Being productive in all aspect is not what a society deserve, a society deserve people with skill in specific field. Importance of health, social care, sociology and physiology has gained their importance in gradual awakening mind of people in the society of world. The work below describes the importance and the reliability of the study based on health and social care, sociology and physiology.

Importance of Sociology, Physiology and Health and Social care

Importance of Health and social care in terms of academic curriculum has gained pace in academic field. The academic field of the student are nowadays covering the aspect of the health and other related facts and figures. The importance in the study materials of the student in the society have immensely supported the knowledge background of the student in UK, USA, Australia and other countries to know more about the importance the health and social care. As supported by Pepper et al. (2013, p.332), the importance of the health and social care in the study material gives rise in the knowledge and keenness among the student to serve in productive manner making lives of the people in the society more worth of living. The subject of physiology provides information on better understanding of the functioning of the body parts. The subject provide great evidence in making student keen towards medical opportunities which was ones thought to be of some other dimension and not to be attempted if not born genius. As inferred by Latif et al. (2016, p.216), knowledge on physiology helps the student in gaining overview of the operation mechanism of the live body, which further helps in proper understanding of the basic metabolic physical activity of human body. The sociology in subjects of academic areas, further helps in the better availing of the facility in making the society people living in a single family with sharing of views, ideas and thoughts about diverse culture.

Distinct courses offered in Sociology, Physiology along with Health and social care

Multiple significant courses is offered by the Live in support that includes ‘BA (Hons) Social Care and Sociology', ‘Bsc (Hons) Health, Community and Social Care studies', ‘Education in Palliative care, Public Health Nursing', ‘Nutrition and Diet Therapy', Free Online course on Healthcare and even Courses on Community health sciences.

Difficulties encountered while solving issues

Ample difficulties could be assessed regarding the subject matters of health and social care, physiology and sociology. Among these, the most known ones could include poor level o care to the service users that affects the entire reputation of the organisations along with bad health of people. According to the words of Gaddis (2013, p.12), the service users even face communal problems such as environment of the healthcare institutions have been found to be dirty and shaggy which make the service user's' health more complicated. In the context of health and social care, more abrupt problems could be projected that includes communication problem with the health care professionals.

Regarding the premise of sociology, different problems could evolve such as the behavioural differences among the healthcare professionals which ultimately bring fatal consequences in the health status of service users. Being more concerned on the physiological section it could be easily retrieved that people delivering physiological care or therapists encounter huge problems while communicating with service users. Solely, communication is a source of obtaining faster and proper recovery by the service users. Hence, any loopholes might bring absurd consequences and outcomes.

Online writing criteria or style of assignments

Three preliminary elements which are supposed to be followed up while preparing online assignments would include- structure, evidence-based information as well as critical thinking of the study. Few steps and criteria must be kept under decent observation for writing absolute assignments on the provided topic:

  •  Reading of the questions carefully which would help to write out the answers in own words
  •  Have a clear check whether all the parts of provided question have been read carefully or there are any other sub questions
  •  Checking up of the assessment criteria
  •  Writing out a draft structure for the concerned assignment with prime headings, bullet points and presenting each of the section with a logical order
  •  Sending a draft structure of the concerned assignment
  •  For each and every section of the assignment, one must think strategically and provide appropriate evidences
  •  Surfing the internet for relevant information sources in order to support the claims
  •  Keeping list of relevant references using a proper format such as - Harvard or Vancouver format
  •  Followed by the above steps, a sentence must be written for summarising the claims with proper evidence as well as reference
  •  Providing limitations for each of the evidence along with the reflection of relating it to the concerned study

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From the above work it is obviously clear that the use of the study as a medium to maintain the logic of the health and social care are clearly valuable and can be trusted with all the required valuation. The above work have clearly discussed in terms of the importance of the objective in studies and other context. It is observed that different universities and colleges are offering various types of course to encourage the study in the field of health, social care, physiology and sociology. The above work have also proper deduced the way the online service helps the student in completion of the work related to the better achievement of the success rate in the academic stream.

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