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Ethics and Responsibility

In simple terms, ethics and responsibility ideally mean following a path that is morally correct. It means doing what is right and seeing the bigger picture rather than individual agendas. It is the responsibility of individuals as well as the businesses to give back to the society where they function in.

Importance of Ethics and Responsibility in academic curriculum

For students it is important to know about Ethics and Responsibility for their personal as well as professional life. In personal life our Ethics and Responsibility are focused towards our family, friends and our social circle. When it comes to businesses the term Ethics and Responsibility holds a lot of importance as it has to take care of the external and internal environment that the business functions in.

Apart from fulfilling civic duties, businesses also need to ensure that what they do benefits the whole society. This is what makes it so important in any academic curriculum.

Why students seek advice in Ethics and Responsibility

When it comes to completing assignments regarding Ethics and Responsibility, it becomes very difficult for the students as it involves a lot of ideas and thinking rather than using concepts written in the book. Many times, students are caught up in so many different subjects that they are not able to complete these assignments which require patience and a lot of moral thinking.

Most of the assignment covers case studies of various companies and how they could be made more ethical and socially responsible. This requires an in depth knowledge of the kind of the society the business functions in and the work environment it supports.

Difficulties encountered in Ethics and Responsibility

As the popular saying goes, "When things are going good, it is easy to be ethical". Same holds true for businesses as well. Every business which is prospering can be ethical as they would want to give back to the society for the success they enjoy. But when it comes to struggling businesses, they focus more on earning profit than ethics. This makes it difficult to find a balance between the two. This subject teaches students how to do so and thus, becomes complex and difficult.

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Our Tutors Specialization in Topics Covered in Ethics and Responsibility

When it comes to ethics and responsibility, it involves a lot more than just learning the basic rights and duties. It involves the study and learning of following theories-

  • Corporate Governance
  • Insider Trading
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Law of Equality
  • Fair Business Practices

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