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Importance of Entrepreneurship in Academic Curriculum

The ability of people to venture on into new avenues with sole control of the management and other activities of a business enterprise is known as entrepreneurship, and the person involved in such an organization is called an entrepreneur.  Students are encouraged to know about entrepreneurship in their academic curriculum so that they develop into successful entrepreneurs managing their businesses with profit and providing employment to a considerable number of people.  Also, entrepreneurship is a skill to be adopted only by those individuals who can tackle risk, for handling business even on a small scale involves personal risk on the part of the convener. Thus, students should equip themselves with confidence and ability not only to undertake a chosen career in the form of becoming an entrepreneur but also develop the mentality to face any difficult situation in the future and confront it with a calm attitude. 

Why students seek advice in Entrepreneurship

The notion of learning theoretical aspects differs with each topic.  In the case of knowing about entrepreneurship, students might face a lot of hindrances and obstacles like knowing about the qualities possessed by an entrepreneur, skills required of an entrepreneur, management of risky situations in business, capacity to take decisions for the benefit of both the customer and the business owner, and so on.  Points about tasks carried out by an entrepreneur may vary widely and students may need help remembering and recollecting these points and may want to acquire a better understanding of the tasks.  

Difficulties encountered in Entrepreneurship

Students who are into the curriculum of entrepreneurship find difficulties in understanding the method of financing of entrepreneurs, their team building capacity, the point of facing situations on their own with problems encountered in the way in which the entrepreneurs may build teams and lead them.  These are some of the aspects, the opinion and points of view will differ from one author to another, so students might find it difficult to make a comparative analysis of the same and choose only essential points. 

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