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Engineering Mechanics

Importance of Engineering Mechanics in academic curriculum

With basic knowledge in physics chemistry and mathematics, Engineering Mechanics relates to everybody and everything we do every single day of our lives. The set of courses in this area under discussion is designed to prepare students for research and development. This topic dedicated to the elucidation of mechanics problems through the integrated application of physical science and mathematics. So it is an essential issue that requires in an academic curriculum. The objectives, to study engineering mechanics are:-

1) Successfully entering in Engineering occupation 2) Advance in their chosen field of study to technical leadership, 3)To take part in and contribute to professional societies and community services, 4) To maintain and advance human culture by contributing to hi-tech improvement, creating new knowledge and new engineering techniques.

Fresh engineering student encounter problems when they have to deliver a complex setback at a faster rate in the industry. If their basic knowledge, what they have experienced in school level is poor then it is very hard to face the practical problems in their professional life. Poor problem- solving skills and not enough study practice of this subject, sometimes makes the life of student miserable, when they face the practical situation. Some students give up and make a plan to switch in another field. Hence if we include this subject in an academic curriculum, then it is very useful for them in professional life. The subject will train students in the field of research and development as well as in engineering. The objective of, including this theme in academic curriculum is to teach physical science problem-solving in a way that leads to convey of knowledge and skills to future professional life. Self-efficacy or self-confidence will develop in the field of engineering if this subject included in the academic programme. For a person self- confidence is promoted in some ways like mastery experiences, where students exhibit mastery by overcoming obstacles through self-effort, social support, learning to manage emotional reactions. In the same manner, when a physicist or an engineer comes in professional life, engineering mechanics will reinforce them to face the practical problems. Here it is well understood the importance of the said subject must be integrated into the academic curriculum.

Engineering mechanics is the fundamental area under discussion that is required to study mother engineering subjects like civil, mechanical, electrical, production, aerospace, earthquake, etc. This topic gives the concepts like friction, trusses, frames, rigid body static, the centre of gravity, Moment of inertia, virtual work, resolving forces, etc. These chapters form the root of design sciences. All these concepts are required to study subjects like the strength of material, structural analysis, Theory of vibration, Theory of machines, finite element analysis, robotics, soil mechanics, etc. Hence we can say that this subject is very useful for engineering students.

Career opportunity for studying engineering mechanics are as follows -

Studying engineering mechanics could lead to the profession like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, a scientist in defence, earthquake engineering, transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, geotechnical engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, production engineering, construction engineering, electrical engineering, applied mechanics, engineering research, etc. Employment opportunities in engineering mechanics are typically in high demand due to technological advances and different mechanical, architectural and civil engineering problems that take place every year. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics (BLS), jobs in technical services were likely to grow high percent in coming years. However, employment in engineering and architectural management positions was only likely to rise 5 to 7 percent during the decade.

Now we describe the subject briefly;-

There are two possibilities when bodies interact and forces act between them, first they may move or second they may remain static. Dynamic is the branch of engineering mechanics which deals with the motion of bodies, and static is the division of civil engineering that deals with static that means bodies are not moving. The philosophy of three Newton's Laws of motion is used during the study of engineering mechanics. Hence a complete understanding of these laws is a necessity to understand the subject. The area under discussion covers the following three topics-

Kinematics of Particles: Curvilinear motion rectangular, Rectilinear motion, normal tangential, relative and constrained motion, polar cylindrical, spherical (coordinates,), space curvilinear motion.

Kinetics of Rigid Bodies: Translation, fixed axis rotation, work-energy, general planner motion, potential energy, power, impulse-momentum and connected conservation principles, Euler equations of motion and its utilisation.

Kinetics of Particles: Work and Energy, Force, mass and acceleration, impulse and momentum, impact.

Fundamental syllabus of Engineering Mechanics -

A) Basic philosophy: Equivalent force system; Equations of Equilibrium; Free

Body diagram; Reaction; Static indeterminacy.

B) Structures: Difference between trusses, frames and beams, Assumptions

Followed in the analysis of structures; 2D truss; Method of joints; Method

Of section

C) Frame; Plain beam; Shear Force as well as bending Moment diagram in frames and beams; different types of loading and supports; Relation between loads, shear force and bending moment.

D) Friction: Description and uses of friction in wedges, Dry friction, thrust bearing (disk friction), belt, screw, journal bearing (Axle friction), Rolling resistance.

E) Virtual work and Energy method: Principle of virtual, Virtual Displacement;

Work; Mechanical Applications of virtual work principle to machines;

Efficiency; Work of a Force/Couple (springs, etc.);

F) Potential energy and equilibrium; stability, Radius of gyration, Centre of Gravity, Moment of Inertia: First and second degree moment of area;

G) Parallel axis theorem; Rotation of axes and principal, Product of inertia,

Moment of inertia of uncomplicated and composite bodies. Moment of inertia, Mass moment of inertia.

The rate of knots at which science proceeds sometimes seems terrifyingly slow, and intolerance and hopes together run sky-scraping when debate turn to issues of learning and education.

A scientific understanding of engineering mechanics includes understanding about mechanics which relates our day to day activity, and the many other factors that contribute to learning the subject. Research on all of these topics, both in the professional field and in laboratories, provides the primary knowledge base for thoughtful and implementing changes in education. Hence the importance of this subject in academic curriculum plays a vital role in our life.

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