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Engineering Mathematics may be simply defined as 'the application of (basic) mathematics to fundamental engineering problems. It is a branch of mathematics (applied mathematics to be specific) which involves the use of various mathematical techniques, methods and strategies in the engineering field. Sometimes, referred to as 'techno-maths', it is basically used to solve our day-to-day complex real-world problems, making use of mathematical theories, practical engineering and scientific computations to deal with a vast array of technological challenges.

Engineering Mathematics comprises pure and applied maths. It is important as it builds the mathematical skills required in high level Engineering. For example, Civil and Mechanical Engineering requires a sound knowledge of finite element method for stress analysis of materials. Signal processing on the other hand, requires a sound knowledge of Fourier analysis and transformation. Engineering Mathematics provides a platform for which solutions in Engineering may be analysed, modelled, understood and then applied.

Difficulties Faced By Students While Solving Engineering Mathematics Problems

Mathematics, generally, has always been one of the most difficult courses to study. Engineering Mathematics students especially, often times face numerous challenges in the course of solving Mathematical problems. This is quite unfortunate as Mathematics is a major constituent and infrastructure in the education of engineering students. Statistics have however shown that, the major areas in Engineering Mathematics, where students face the most problems are

(i) Imaging and sketching in three-dimensions and

(ii) High level differential calculus. However, the earliest challenge they face is in the later.

Calculus is an important course for students of engineering. It is offered as a pre-requisite to other advanced mathematical courses as well. The lack of understanding of the concepts of basic calculus may affect the understanding of other concepts in Engineering Mathematics. Despite this, may students struggle to grasp the concept of calculus, which are usually not even solved by routine methods of problem solving. Calculus is an aspect of study in Engineering Mathematics that often times run into other topics in the subject. Understanding basic calculus plays a significant role in the understanding of Engineering Mathematics as a whole.

Some other teaching and learning difficulties faced by students in an Engineering Mathematics class are that Engineering students are not given priority of Mathematics. Also, most students don't have a basic and prior knowledge of a wide range of mathematical abilities, such as algebraic skills, coordinating multiple procedures and answering questions that are non-routine in nature.

Most times too, the need to solve using analytical or graphical solutions may confuse most students who have weaknesses in trigonometry as well.

Few Techniques To Solve Engineering Mathematics Problems

To most students of Engineering, there are too many theorems, concepts, and formulas in Engineering Mathematics that makes it complex and challenging to easily grasp and apply.  This is mainly because students find it difficult to relate with the subject and its application. Just as much, students find it quite challenging to understand or memorize these concepts. Engineering Mathematics comes with complex calculations, but we simplify these concepts and help our students to get used to them by giving online/offline exercises, assignments, and tutorials, to help make it easier for them.

We also make use of learning modules and online self assessment/library to help our students. We apply our Mathematical problems to real life situations and give online/offline support.

Live Engineering Mathematics Tutors Support 24 X 7  - Engineering Mathematics Homework Help and Assignment help

We are here and ready to assist you with any Engineering Mathematics assignment or homework. Our engineering math tutors offer services that may involve assistance in writing a engineering mathematics solutions, engineering mathematics assignment help, homework help, assessments writing service, tutoring assistance, project help, engineering mathematics course help and other writing services. We offer services at an affordable rate and all round the clock. We are always ready to attend to you.

You may communicate with us via the mywordsolution.com site. The live-chat mechanism is at the lower right corner of each webpage on the site. You may also write us through our email: info@mywordsolution.com.

How May We Help You?

We help students to overcome their challenges in Engineering Mathematics by employing strategies that help to promote mathematical thinking. Our goal is to enable students develop the ability and skill to apply a wide range of techniques in solving these problems in their field of study and later in their profession as Engineers.

We employ different thinking skills and tools to fundamentally develop and improve the way students of Engineering learn and apply Mathematics. We employ problem-solving strategies that strengthen the quality of skills necessary in thinking and communication. We have a one-on-one interaction with our members, when required, and suggest ways to improve their understanding of Engineering Mathematics.

We help you explore, visualize and solve complex mathematical problems in Engineering, to provide a greater insight into the course. We are proud of our excellent track record and we get very commendable positive feedback from our members.

Our website aims to provide the much needed support and intervention.  We create a platform where members can drop quick questions or mathematical problems for more experienced members to assist with.  We also create a platform where such problems can be submitted for professional help. In which case, experts may be allowed to bid, as well as prove their capabilities.

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Our services should be utilized as we are known and have been given credit for having reputable mathematics experts with vast experience in providing high level support. The website is also user-friendly and operates on free access. You can also enjoy a money back guarantee where timelines have not been adhered to. Results from our experts are usually peer reviewed before final submission to the owner.

We are highly qualified, experienced and vetted. We help to effectively better your grades and bring your learning to life, all the while improving your engagement and understanding. Together, we can identify, tackle and conquer your most problematic areas in Engineering Mathematics.

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