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Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

In this world of technology where communication mediums and techniques are at peak point and has become a part of our life, digital signal processing (DSP) is playing its crucial role in the development of digital communication. Digital Signal Processing is the branch of telecommunication and electronics engineering which refers various techniques dealing with improvisation of reliability and accuracy of digital communication which employs multiple signaling techniques. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the result of increased uses and needs of computer.

            Signal Processing can be classified in two ways in which Digital Signal Processing is the subfield along with analog signal processing. Further Digital Signal Processing can be sub-divided in linear and non-linear operations. Error detection and correction as well as data compression are some advantages of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) over Analog Signal Processing (ASP).

Application of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Digital Signal Processing is used in almost every technology of communication and processing of signals because of its features and properties in technology of signals processing and filtrations. There are many applications of Digital Signal Processing which are listed below:

  • Audio signal processing,
  • Audio compression,
  • Digital image processing,
  • Video compression,
  • Speech processing,
  • Speech recognition,
  • Digital communications,
  • Digital synthesizers,
  • Radar and sonar,
  • Financial signal processing,
  • Seismology,
  • Biomedicine,
  • Speech compression and transmission in digital mobile phones,
  • Room correction of sound in hi-fi
  • Sound reinforcement applications,
  • Weather forecasting,
  • Economic forecasting,
  • Seismic data processing,
  • Analysis and control of industrial processes,
  • Medical imaging such as CAT scans and MRI,
  • MP3 compression,
  • Computer graphics,
  • Image manipulation,
  • Hi-fi loudspeaker crossovers and equalization etc. 

Why Digital Signal processing course is the best choice to build career?

Digital Signal processing stream is famous in contrast with all other Engineering courses because of its enormous opportunity and career growth in this field. Students are taking interest to do a course of Digital Signal processing because it opens doors of lots of professions in which student can make bright future in career. In almost every technical field, there is always a need of Digital Signal processing engineers.

Why students get stuck with Digital Signal processing assignments?

Students of Digital Signal processing get many homework/assignments in the span of course duration. These assignments are completely dependent on the various concepts of Digital Signal processing engineering like Discrete Fourier Transform, Bilinear Transform, LTI system theory, Z-Transform, Discrete-Time Fourier Transform etc. and it is designed in this way that student can enhance their knowledge of subject but it is not as simple as say because most of the students are not capable enough to handle the assignment pressure along with their other subject work. Digital Signal processing assignment is complex to do and take professional hand if securing good score is ones desire. 

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