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Digital Electronics

Signals can be classified in two ways: one is continuous signal or analog signal and second one is discrete signal or digital signal. On basis of signals, electronics are divided in two areas, Digital Electronics and Analog Electronics.

Digital Electronics is the part of electronics which handles digital signal or discrete band of analog level in place of continuous ranges which is used in analog electronics. In simple words Digital Electronics deals with discrete values instead of continuous values. Digital Electronics is used in wide range of application from micro embedded devices to military equipments. Digital electronics devices are built by assembling numerous of logic gates that represent Boolean logic values individually.

The circuits of digital electronics, which is known as digital circuits, are combination of devices which perform various logical operations using the two states i.e. low state and high state, which is used by voltage level practically. These operation are AND, OR, Invert, Equivalent, XOR, XNOR etc which are operated by gates.

Advantage of Digital Electronics:

  • Devices are compact, small in size and improved in technology
  • Chances of noise in signal is negligible
  • Error detection and correction
  • Signal is transmitted without degradation of quality due to less noise
  • Storage of information is simple etc.

Some topics that covers Digital Electronics disciple:

  • Number Base System,
  • Digital Logic Families,
  • Logic Gate system: Fundamental and combination Gates,
  • Mathematics and Logic Operation,
  • Flip Flops,
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Device,
  • Sequential Logic Devices,
  • Digital Data Handling,
  • A/D and D/A converts,
  • Semiconductor Memories,
  • Data Encoder and Decoder,
  • TTL,
  • PMOS-NMOS logic etc.

What comes in Digital Electronics assignment?

To evaluate the knowledge and understanding of student over subject, assignments are given to students by professors of university. In Digital electronics assignment students has to do these tasks which are given below:

  • Conversion from one number system to another one
  • Logic gates operation
  • Expressions deductions
  • Making truth table
  • Circuit Designing
  • Logical deduction to minimize the circuit
  • Assemble many gates to design flip flops
  • Designing of Multiplexer, De-multiplexer (MUX- DEMUX)
  • Designing of A/D and D/A
  • Making Wave form of signals

Why students need help with Digital Electronics assignments?

Students of engineering get many homework/assignments in the span of course duration. These assignments especially of Digital Electronics are completely dependent on the various concepts of discrete signals and logical gates. These assignments consist of circuit diagrams, truth tables; wave forms etc. in this way that student can enhance their knowledge of subject. Most of the students are not capable enough to handle the assignment pressure along with their other subject work. Digital Electronics assignments are complex to do and take professional hand if securing good score is the goal of students.

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