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Solutions to Circuit Theory and Circuit Analysis Problems – Assignment Help – Homework Help

Circuit Theory

What are Circuit and Circuits Theory?

In this 21st century, circuits are everywhere and without circuits we can't imagine our routine day to day work with ease. Basically circuits are a series of various electrical devices or components together in a closed or complete loop which allows passing the electric current to power the devices. Circuits can be a simple bulb with battery or complex circuit which is running in our computer or mobile processor.

            There are many types of devices or components which take part to make circuit and help to energize the other device as well, some are capacitor, diodes, thermistor, bulb, LED, resistor, batteries, inductors, buzzers, switches etc.

      In the circuit theory, all the circuits are considered precisely designed and the components used are ideal in nature without any energy loss or fluctuation in thermal tolerance. The values mentioned on components are ideal and accurate without using tolerance either in positive or in negative side. With the help of various theories like Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, Nodal Analysis with Voltage Source, Thevenin Theorem, Norton's Theorem, Maximum Power Transformations, Superposition Theorem etc.

Various Important Topics:

In circuit theory there are lots of concepts which are linked to each other and help to design the required circuit. Some Topics of circuit analysis and theory in which most of the students stuck and find tough to solve the question are given below:

  • Circuit Elements
  • Ohm's Law
  • Kirchhoff's Law-Current Law and Voltage Law
  • Voltage and current division concepts
  • Wye-Delta Transformations
  • Series and Parallel combination of Inductors
  • Series and Parallel combination of Resistance
  • Series and Parallel combination of Capacitors
  • Step Response of an RL circuits
  • Step Response of an RC circuits
  • Source free series RLC circuits
  • Nodal Analysis
  • Nodal Analysis with Voltage Source
  • Mesh Analysis
  • Mesh Analysis with Current Source
  • Thevenin' Theorem
  • Norton's Theorem
  • Maximum Power Transformations
  • Superposition Theorem
  • Operational Amplifier and their applications
  • Second order Op-amp circuits

Importance of Circuit Theory Assignments in Engineering Curriculum

Circuit theory is very important subject in electronics engineering and electrical engineering field. The applications of circuit theory are widely used in almost every technology in the process of designing the circuit. During the course of engineering, student gets assignment of circuit theory in which student has to solve various questions based on given circuits and in some questions circuits are being designed. Students have to pass each assignment with good score and each assignment takes an important part to decide the final grade in semester.

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How may we help you?

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