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Wages and Income


Wages and Income are the most important and basic factors that help us to satisfy human needs based on their economy. They are obtained through different sources and the ups and downs in those factors are based on economic conditions of the particular country. This assignment discusses mainly about the theory, concepts, problems and solutions of Wages and Income. This also serves as a guide for the students and researchers to get help in online from economic experts.

Theory Of Topic - Wages And Income

Wages is otherwise called as salary or some amount of money offered by the employer to the employee.  This is offered for the reason because the employee, who receives this, spends his money, time and effort for the growth of the concern where he works. This is the only relationship between the employer and the employee. The Concern's economical condition and how much the employee takes effort decide the degree of the wage to be declared. Other than the effort, qualification and experience also stay as the deciding factor of the wage. Wages undergo different types in the way they are paid.

Some concern pay their employees even in their absence in work as vacation, bonus, medical cause, benefit for the company. The term "Wages" also decides the economic condition of the country as their growth results in the increased payment of tax. The tax filing status in a society decides the average income of the economy. This causes a steady and beneficial development of the particular country.

Income is the term that deals with money that is gained by an individual through any means. This may also be explained as the earnings that gained in the any form like profit, wage, salary and asset's rent etc. in a particular interval of time. They also come under the concept of "Personal Income". The sum of all the above factors is totally called as income. Since Income is in various forms many theories, philosophy and ethics are given by many economists. Income of an individual also decides the development of the particular only if the proportional amount of income tax is paid to the Government.

The subject Economics deals with these concepts and has examined in detail. The term "wage" comes under the factor "Income" and they are related by many theories and formulae. They are created and predefined by economists. Many definitions are also there for the term "Income" that is produced by the detailed analysis done in various dimensions in income. Those theories, definitions, formulae will have a detailed discussion when we go through it. They are predefined based on their increased and decreased levels of their state that caused because of the particular country's economy. Developed countries such as United States, UK etc. always have a stable growth in these terms as they are having a developed economy.

Problems Encountered In Solutions to - Wages and Income:

Problems in such concepts are the unequal distribution of wages and income due to the economic status and the absence of employment in the society. These are the two major problems that serves as root base for the all the other small problems. The solutions for these two problems will eradicate the other obstacles too. Solutions are defined by analyzing the reasons for those problems.

The unequal distribution of wages and income is there because it is based on the money paid according to one's qualification, talent, wealth, influential background etc. Based on the different levels of the above mentioned factors the wages and income are distributed. This can be solved by getting a stabilized and same level of those reasons. But a problem encountered in this solving process too. This too needs an economical support for the lower level people to reach the stabilized state.

The unemployment is another major problem that prevails in every type of economical society. This Concept is understood by most of the individual, so we get on to the solutions to solve it. This can be solved by the creation of an independent business based society. So that the individuals who have talent can rather start own business rather than choosing to work under some concern. But this too needs a great economical support. The absence of such economical support is the problem encountered while solving the consequence of unemployment.

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