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Gross Domestic Product GDP Assignment Help, Get Economics Homework Help Service Online

Gross Domestic Product GDP

Gross Domestic Product GDP

The gross domestic product (GDP) is the total value of goods produced and service provided in any country during a year. The GDP is normally calculated for a year but it can also be calculated on quarterly basis as well. The GDP is very important figure with respect to the economy of the country, in fact it is tells how is the well is the economy of the country. The GDP is generally mentioned in percentage thus expressing as comparison to the previous quarter or year. The calculation of GDP is tough task which is done by the economist. It is done on the concept by either adding what everyone earned during a year or by adding up what everyone spent during a year. Considering, logically both measures should arrive at same total.

The income approach to calculate GDP is generally denoted as GDP(I), it is calculated by adding up the total compensation given to the employees, gross profits of both corporate and incorporated firms, taxes less any subsidies. The other method that is the expenditure method is quite common method used to calculated GDP; it is calculated by adding up the total consumption, investment, government spending and net exports.

The GDP is very important term for any economy that is why it is often used while talking about the growth the country. That is why GDP represents two things; economic production and growth. Whether a person is doing business or service is rich or poor; the GDP impacts everyone in a particular economy. The change in GDP affects the stock market directly.

The GDP of the country helps the government in checking whether the economy is moving in the right direction or not. Whether economy is expanding or contracting, is there are chances of recession or inflation that all can be calculated with the help of GDP.

To highlight the importance of GDP, it can be said that:

The GDP provides an inclusive picture of economy as it depicts about consumer spending, investment expenditure, government spending and net exports. This helps the investors in proving the insight about the trends of economy as they can compare the GDP levels.

When a government launches or plans any policy they look upon the GDP figure as an indicator.

The GDP helps the investors in managing their portfolio.

The GDP is quick way to check the economy as the negative GDP means that there is downfall in economy which needs quick action.

Thus Gross Domestic product is very important for any economy. An analyst who is asked to write about a particular economy will first check the GDP of the economy to start his writing. Similarly a person who has to invest in market of a company or for that matter gets a job in the other country; will first check the GDP of the country so that he or she can view his chances and can get details about the economy  of that country.

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As we know that the GDP is very important topic from the point of view of economy. Therefore the students who study the economy they can understand that the GDP plays a very important role in their academic career. If they can understand the GDP and can calculate it easily it becomes very simple for a student to understand the other related topic such as fiscal policy, monetary policy and so on. Also the students are given a lot of case studies where that have to first calculate the GDP and then do the relevant comparisons. The calculation of GDP is not a simple process, the formula to calculate GDP is complicated and the figures provided are often confusing. Hence the student with half or no knowledge faces a lot of problem. If for a case, a student calculates the incorrect GDP it will affect the other figures consequently. However the students need not to worry as they can opt for the online sites where the experts can help them in understanding the GDP. The students have to just understand that once they know the concept correctly it will easy for them to solve the assignments as well as the case studies.

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