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Descriptive Essay

Introduction To Descriptive Essay

As the name says, these types of essays are descriptive in nature. When we need to describe something be it any object, place, person etc. They help us to write the content in an elaborated manner. The aim of the essay is to make the reader understand the topic clearly with a great depth. The details we reflect in the article play a very important role as they bring in the clarity in the topic. Descriptive essays are used when one needs to draw the clear picture of any thing around and he use words to express his thoughts. The content is not based on the personal story because that is actually a part of narrative essays rather the thoughts that are expressed in these types of essays are all based on the observations that one makes based on the surroundings. The words we use should literally make the non-living things as living ones for the reader. If someone is reading the content he should feel himself to be the part of the story, if he is reading about a person he should feel that he had met the person or if he is reading about a place he should feel that he had visited that place. The reader should ultimately get connected to the description that he is reading as one doesn't include mathematical jargons or formulas within the text.

It involves the skill of creative writing that motivates one to sit back and pen down his thoughts. It's really important to have a valid reason in one's mind that why he is writing and what is the motive behind as the language also reflects that motive in one's write up.

Few Important Points To Be Considered While Writing Descriptive Essay

To write the descriptive essay is quite easy but to write it in an effective manner is relatively tougher. There are few rules and tips that one can follow to write the descriptive essay in a proper manner. Professional writers follow all the rules to produce the good write ups of descriptive essays. The best way to write the descriptive essays is to use and focus on all the five senses namely: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. If we use all these senses while writing a description it actually helps the reader's to visualise the entire story instead of just reading it simply. One should keep few questions in mind that he should answer before he starts writing. The essays should be written and produced in various versions. First version should be produced as a draft and then one should work upon that draft to make it better and improvised versions should come out of the first draft i.e. revisions should be made. So one should plan then draft and finally should revise the essay. There is a difference between telling and showing, so that difference should be clearly understood

How To Write An Effective Descriptive Essay

The effective descriptive essay writing requires lot of hard work and efforts to first understand the basic elements and guidelines of a descriptive essay. First of all, one should do the brainstorming to understand the topic properly on which he needs to write. The language should be paid a high attention as it creates a base of the write up. The language should be easy, concise and simple to understand. The vocabulary should not be tough for the readers to understand. All the five senses should be used wisely to bring out the best out of the writer. The reader should not be left in a confused state as he should be getting clear idea about the topic and the theme that he is reading. Again the language plays an important role in this domain as well. The organisation of the content is another important point to be considered while writing. Which event happened when should be given preference and the order of the events should be properly reflected in the write up.

The following steps should be following while writing the descriptive essays so that the reader gets a nice impression:

  • Writing before the actual draft: In this phase the writer jots down the points in a very rough manner and then he makes a very first using those points after brainstorming. It gives writer the clarity about the topic and he finds it easy to draft the article using those hints.
  • Preparing a draft: After having the points in hands one should prepare a rough draft that should be worked upon again and again to bring the improvements. Similies and metaphors should also be used wisely. One can even try to include few pictures along with the content to make the content more interesting for the reader.
  • Editing a descriptive essay: The write up should be given a proofread so as to find the grammatical errors and all the spellings should also be checked. Proper usage of nouns, adverbs and adjectives should also be given importance.
  • Publishing a descriptive essay: If the write up is completed and is shared with people around then it actually leaves an impact. Hence should be finally published.

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