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Data Processing

Demand of data processing course

There is an explosion of information and data in the current times. This data is increasing in bulk by the minute. More and more data is being generated. It is a Herculean task to manage such huge amount of data. This data is managed by computers, but one has to learn how to process this data because raw data is of no use to anybody. It has to be classified, analysed and organized. Further, it has to be computed by using an application programme so that it can be converted into the desired form like graphics, audio, video or simply data file. Hence, students who opt for the data processing course have to learn these two things: general operations on data and data computing.

The demand for data computers will keep on increasing because the amount of data in the world keeps on increasing. Those who learn data processing get assured jobs and just need not worry.

The difficulties encountered while working with Data Processing program

Data processing requires knowledge from different areas like algorithms, hardware, software and engineering. Massive data comes in the forms of pet bytes or terabytes. It has to be analysed systematically. The applications of big data also vary; it is used in the fields of medicine, engineering, business and social media. Cloud computing knowledge and infrastructure is essential for big data processing. There are no ready sets and formats available, the data processors have to create their own stacks, which is the most difficult part for students while learning data processing.

Teaching methods vary from one institute to another. Sometimes, students do not get enough practice because of unavailability of computers or other technological facilities.

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Data processing is an application based, practice oriented programme. While the theoretical base is important, the practical base is equally important. Students join a data processing course because they get assured well-paying jobs. The more they work, they know that their performance will improve with more practice. However, the beginning may be a little problematic. This is because they need a foundation of several areas before launching on data processing. In case they do not possess the basic knowledge, they first have to revise or update their knowledge to create a good foundation. While this can be pretty time consuming, particularly if they are working, they have little or no time to complete the internal assessment assignments that are part of the course.

If they are unable to manage the theory, basics and assignments all together, they become frustrated. If they can get some kind of help to relieve them of at least some part of the burden, they welcome it heartily.

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