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Data Mining

Demand of Data Mining Course

Data Mining refers to analysing raw data and finding meaningful patters, co-relations etc within the same. Organisations today accumulate a vast array of data which if analysed effectively can be used in various business functions and used for better decision making. Data thus collated provides historical trends based on which future predictions can be made. Data mining exercise entails simplifying and streamlining data collated. Thereafter load it and process it using a data mining software and finally present it in a useful manner so as to facilitate business decision making. The typical outcomes in data mining are anomaly detection, classification, cluster recognition, associated behaviour recognition etc.

The difficulties encountered while working with Data Mining program

Data mining is largely used by companies with strong retail focus. They collate humungous amount of data related to pricing, product positioning, human resource etc and such organisations' performance is based on external factors such as economic conditions, competition, industry demographics etc. Data mining would take all this into account and help the organisation to deploy appropriate marketing strategies, product positioning, arrive at price points and a lot more.All in all it would facilitate informed decision making.

Commonly used data mining techniques are Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Regression Analysis, Rule Induction, nearest neighbour algorithm etc.

Data Mining is finding widespread applications across industries and is of growing importance in the growth of certain businesses. Data Mining not only helps in taking sales decision but it facilitates integration of data from the entire gamut of operations taking place within an organisation to meet its end goal and optimise each task to improve profitability and long term sustainability which would essentially be the end goal of any commercial organisation.

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We provides the following in its course on Data Mining at a very affordable cost. These are broader areas that we cover and within each topic we have in-depth content and tutoring help on the subtopics associated with them.

  • Introduction to Data Mining
  • Classification of Data & Pre-processing
  • Statistical Tools & techniques
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Advanced Techniques

Data Mining finds widespread application in a number of industries encompassing FMCG, Retail, Financial & Banking Sector, Manufacturing, Research, Education, Insuranceetc and it requires specialise to sift through the amount of information that is available in today's era of modern and complex business environment. Subjects like these require very practical and practise oriented course curriculum which we have designed keeping in mind the unique nature of requirements in the corporate world.

Data Mining Assignment Help - Homework Help

Our course curriculum is built based on real life examples and case studies from a variety of industries so that learners understand the complexities associated with different requirements and how to apply the correct theories in real life situations in the most practical manner. This also enhances their job prospects as they would have substantial insight into application of data mining techniques for different purposes and for different industries.

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Our mentors and tutors are specialists in the field of data mining, we ensure that they are backed by not only the necessary qualifications in terms of their education but also have industry experience so that they impart cutting edge knowledge to our learners. With a strong passion for teaching our tutors are well versed in the online medium and make it very easy for our learners to grasp the subject.

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