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Computer Architecture


By a research it reveals that within Embedded System more than 97% of all microprocessors are found. For the implementation of this embedded system, a basic model is symbiosis between CPU and primarily data stream based accelerator coprocessors is needed. Implementation for embedded system also requires hardware or software partitioning decision. But the qualification of our software graduates is limited within the horizon of procedural programming in the time domain and meanwhile the machine model is no more just "Von Neumann "paradigm which is supporting only an instruction stream based set. So to enhance the knowledge in embedded system, its essential to enrich the concept of computer architecture.

Its purely impossible to get a solid,wel-rounded Computer science education without understanding computer architecture since many things are depended upon the understanding of computer architecture. Performance analysis of software, parallel software and its execution, High performance programming, High performance database, Accelerators and GPGPU computing, embedded system computation etc are not possible without the sharp concept of computer architecture. For high computing performance and computer hardware such type of background knowledge is necessary. In case of parallel processing, computer architecture teaches us how "HAZARDS" and "STALLS" can be avoided by changing in program code and algorithms to make use of pipelines as best as possible. By knowing the architecture completely you can write the assembly code also.Thses are all essential benefits can be facilities by the study of computer architecture.


Concepts relevant to the cache memory operation in Computer Architecture course is not an easy task. Students face substantial difficulties in understanding the organization of  computer cache memory.


I) Accuracy:            

Its achieving relative accuracy some modeling assumptions are needed. If important aspects of accurate models are poor, then corresponding relative accuracy will be diminished.

II) Basic requirements:

Most architecture research uses the same basic, aggregated statistics, average instructions per second (IPC), cache miss rate, branch misprediction rate, and so on.

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