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Cash Flow And Fund Flow Statements- The Best Place For Finance Assignment And Homework Help

Cash flow and Fund flow statements

Cash flow refers to the flow or transferability of money in and out of business (like investing in shares to earn extra profits), the transactions which affects the liquidity of the business. Fund flow statement refers to the inward and outward flow of cash in financial assets. These two are same type of statements they both show the inflow and outflow of cash in the business. The difference between the two is Cash flow shows only the cash transactions and the change in cash whereas fund flow statement shows the ups and downs in financial position.

Various Courses offered in Cash flow and Fund flow statements- USA, UK, Australia, and CANADA    

Different universities offer various courses for this like chartered accountant, financial management and various others. CFM, CFA, NCFM and International financial management courses are most demanded course.

Importance of Cash flow and Fund flow statements assessments in Academic Curriculum

It is important to maintain both cash and fund flow statements. These two statements are the base for all the companies; it helps to maintain cash-in-hand and to ascertain the financial position of the company. They both have different aspects cash flow statement helps to take loans and other help from different sources, it highlights the causes in rise and downfall of the cash, it helps to maintain sound cash position or operating activities (For day to day expenses) whereas the fund flow statement it show us the causes and reasons to change the working capital, it helps to ascertain the financial position of the company, it also provides the basic help to management so that they can make policies and other documents.

What are few difficulties encountered in Cash flow and Fund flow statements    

There are various problem faced by people in making these statements. Fund flow statement is a record of all the transactions taking place in the business whether the cash is paid or not, but cash flow statement records the transactions which are only of cash basics. Fund flow statement is useful for long term purpose where as the cash flow helps to keep a close watch on the present year. They both record the transaction but they have different ways and aspects to record. Fund flow statement is an important aspect it is provided for preparation of balance sheet. It contains points which are not even clearly viewed in the balance sheet and profit and loss account. It helps the management to make decisions related to working capital and other necessary decisions for the benefit of the business. Fund flow statement also helps the creditors to check the credit worthiness of the business. It also helps to make a serial so that the long term debts can be paid properly. Cash flow statement and fund flow statement both of equal importance.

Solutions to Cash flow and Fund flow statements Problems - Live Support 24x7   

It is not very difficult to solve these issues. A person has to be very careful and attentive while recording every transaction. Different transactions should be recorded in different set of books in order to avoid confusions (like all transactions of purchase in purchase book whether cash is payment is made for it or not, sales transactions in sales etc.) in this way there will be track of all the transactions. To resolve all the designs some time we require experts' advice.

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