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Business Law and Ethics Assignment Help - Homework Help

Business Law and Ethics

Ethics can be described as a set of moral principles or a system of moral values. Ethical behaviour is that which is accepted as good. Law implies the rules created by a governing body in society. Law is that which permits ethical conduct and punishes unethical behaviour. Business law is related to proper business policies and practices. It is mandatory on the part of business organisations to follow business ethics, failing which; legal action can be taken against them. Business Law is essential for maintaining a healthy environment in the corporate sector and ensure that human rights to protect, that employees are safe and that they get appropriate treatment and payment as per the services and expertise that they provide.

Various Courses offered in Business Law and Ethics- USA, UK, Australia, CANADA

Business Law and Ethics is a course much in demand in these days when business is expanding on a global scale and becoming more and more complex. There are several controversial issues like bribery, discrimination, fiduciary responsibilities, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. All these issues are extremely technical and legal. Law as a discipline is different from all others domains of knowledge. It is a concept wholly created by human beings, for the benefit of human-beings. Corporate or business law is a branch that is even more complicated. A student of law has to understand all the policies, rules and regulations thoroughly, gain better insight by going through actual case studies and are well acquainted with all legal terms and concepts related to business law and ethics.

Any course on business law and ethics will contain the study of developing an ability to see that there is no cheating, that one is fair and honest, that one does no distort truth or mislead, advocate, create conflicts or accept gifts and bribes. With a few variations, the syllabus across all institutions is more or less the same, whether it is in the UK, US or Australia or Canada. Since the basic principles of the subject are the same, a course on Business Law and Ethics is equally important in all countries on account of its scope and universal applicability in current times.

Difficulties encountered in Business Law and Ethics

Students with varying backgrounds and with graduation in different subjects attempt a course in Business Law and Ethics, which happens to be an entirely new and unfamiliar field of study for them. Students having a bachelor's or master's degree in law find it comparatively simple because they are used to the study of similar subjects wherein they are required to learn rules, Acts, regulations amendments, etc. by heart and reproduce them word by word. Similarly, they have to acquaint themselves with relevant case studies and relate them to issues in the syllabus. For science or arts graduates, this is next to impossible. However, the course demands that assignments and tutorials on the subject should be completed as part of the course, without which the student will not get a certificate of qualification.

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