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Business Economics

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Importance of the Business Economics in the Academic Curriculum:

Business Economics is application of the economic theory and the methodology to the business. Every business involves the decision making process in which out of various alternative available, one has to choose the best alternative after analyzing the pros and cons of all the alternatives. This question of choice in the business arises because the resources that are needed to implement any alternative such as land, labor; capital and entrepreneur are limited and at the same time can be employed to the alternative uses. Thus decision making process involves selection of best alternative out of all by which the company can achieve its goals by the most efficient and effective means. For this company have to form the scientific approach to the business problem and find optimal solution using the appropriate tools and rational methodology.

All the students will encounter world of the business one or the other day. For this it is very important that students are prepared with the competence and confidence to engage in the business activity. Young generations are the assets of the country and they are the one, who will be part of the business in the future, so they should have all the understanding about the functioning of the businesses, role of business in the society, skills it requires, various opportunities it generates and impact they will put into the various persons and society as a whole.

The Business economic program in the academic Curriculum will build a foundation for those who will go into the workplace directly and also for those who will persuade further study and the training in the business Economics. Having the basic knowledge about the topic at the time of going to workplace and further studies places, students will feel confident and will work better.

Difficulties encountered while solving the business economics problems:-

Student faces the various difficulties while learning the Business Economics. They have to solve the problems related to the business economics considering many aspects and it's not only one parameter that needs to be focused upon rather there are various parameters which need to be taken care of before deriving at any conclusion. So while solving the Business Economics problems students may face many problems like:

  • What is the Scope of Business Economics?
  • What approach should be used while solving the problem?
  • What are all the ways to solve the problem along with the tools that should be used in order to derive at the right conclusion?
  • To know what are the various forms of alternatives available?
  • How to deal with the alternatives available, analyzing them and selecting the best alternative out of the all available?
  • Management of the resources and decision to be taken for the optimum utilization of the resources as resources are limited.
  • Pricing decision which involves optimum pricing of the products. If the prices will be high company will not be able to sell its products in the market due to the competition prevailing and if the prices will be very low then the company will not be able to recover all its expenses. So the price should be selected with the due care and thus pricing decision is an important task.
  • What are the all expenses that are to be included while taking the various decisions and what to be treated as Sunk Cost? 

Few important topics covered in Business Economics:

There are various topics that are needed in order to solve the business economics problems like:

(a)    Analysis and Forecasting of the Demand

(b)   Analysis of the Cost and Production

(c)    Pricing Decisions taking into considerations rules and practices.

(d)   Management of the Profits

(e)   Management of the capital

(f)     Use of Time value of money to calculate the present value.

(g)    Evaluation of the projects

(h)   Cost Benefit Analysis

(i)      Calculation of rate of return of the company

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