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Business and Corporate Laws

Business refers to the occupation where a person works regularly in order to earn their earning where as a corporate refers working together on a same task in a big company or a firm. It is said that a corporate is a business where every individual has their legal identity (even the company name is itself a identity), all the shareholders, partners, owners etc have their own representation in the company whom are having share in the profit sharing ratio but few of them are not liable to pay of the debts.

Various universities offer different courses across the globe with different names but with the same purpose of making and implementation of laws which are necessary for the working of the company or a business. (Honors, Business and law, Business and employment laws, school of law etc). The above mentioned are some common names used worldwide for the studies of law.

Importance of Business and Corporate Laws assessments in Academic Curriculum.

These laws are made as per the situation of the firm the laws are made for betterment of labour and other people related to it. The students are been taught about different types of business (like limited liability company {LLC}, limited liability partnership {LLP} etc). Each business have their own laws, some laws are common where as some are different according to the nature of the business. All the laws are equally important for the growth of the company. Laws have different specification and are meant according to the need of the society, economy, and other things related to it.

Students face different type of problems depending on the nature and type of business. The nature of the business matters the most. As the nature involves the type of working a firm is doing and the risk involved in it. Problems of each enterprises is different, even if a company named ABC is having two branches one in US and other UK, it is possible that the branch in US may face problems that the customer is not satisfied where as branch in UK may not face so and vice-a-versa.  One common problem faced by almost all the companies are employees related, either they get extra qualified candidates who are out of the range of the requirement or sometimes they get employees below the rated or marking point. If they get a proper employee they are demanding high income or are less available. These kinds of problems occurs which are necessary to be resolved.

In order to resolve the above mentioned problems an enterprise has to look after the various aspects of the business. If a business or company is facing issues related to any legal formality or other legal documents, in order to avoid such problems a person should have complete details of the all the documents required for a business to be run. If they are facing problem related to customers, you can go for customer feedback form so that a company may get to know the place they are lacking.

If problem is related to the employees then on the job or off the job training are the best way out. Where an employee is been trained and will made familiar to new things and technology either while working in the company, (where experts came to the office and help the employees to learn the task in a better way or they update them to the new technology) or off the job where an employee is been sent to another office or branch for learning new techniques. The workers are been paid on the normal wages. There are many more ways like talking to experts etc.

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