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Introduction of Biographies

A biography is an account of someone's life. When the writer writes about himself, it is called an autobiography; when the writer writes about someone else, it is called a biography. One generally writes biographies of great people, worthy beings, whose life stories can be inspiring and motivating to others. Biographical writing can be short when a few significant incidents in someone's life are recounted. Biography is not a detailed report of every minute, every happening in someone's life. Such an account would not make interesting reading. The life of the personality chosen must be worthy as an example for youngsters to follow. The incidents must be carefully chosen so that they highlight specific qualities of the person. The lessons and morals can be explicit or implicit as the writer chooses. There is the famous incident of Lokmanya Tilak who refused to clear the litter of groundnut shells in the classroom because he had not eaten any, and he had the courage to tell this to the teacher. It is for the reader to interpret the implications in the story.

Important Points to Be Considered While Writing Biographies

  • A person's life may be full of rich details and interesting facts. The writer must be discrete enough to decide what to include and what to eliminate.
  • A writer cannot write about a person he has never seen or met. The writer must be familiar and well acquainted with the personality.
  • The personality must have some positive qualities that are worthy of being applauded.
  • A biography must stick to true facts. There is little scope for imagination while writing a biography.
  • Enough details must be included to give the clearest possible picture of the actual person.
  • The writer must conduct interviews of close associates of the person and not depend upon his own experiences which can be limited.
  • The writer must conduct thorough research before writing a biography so that the information given is authentic.
  • The biography must be complemented with actual examples of incidents in the life of the person.
  • Real life photographs enhance and enrich the biography. Photographs of important events and incidents must be selected, which are rare and valuable.

How to write effective Biographies

Writing a biography is not a simple task. After all, it is a literary piece of writing and must be carried out with due seriousness.

  • Decide the length of the biography and select details to be included accordingly.
  • The readers expect details about the person so make sure you mention the whole name, date of birth/death, education, major achievements, special awards, personality traits, positive features, strengths, education and an overview of life.
  • Consider the audience. For example, mostly people interested in dance will read the biography of a dancer; however, anybody can read it. So aim the biography at known as well as unknown audience.
  • Mention why you chose to write about someone and highlight the facts that support your view.
  • Address the readers directly and maintain a semi-formal style.
  • Use simple and lucid language.
  • See that you introduce variety in the construction of sentences to avoid monotony.
  • Try to make the story interesting so that people will be inspired to read it. Nobody reads biographies for pure entertainment
  • Edit and proofread carefully.
  • If possible let someone who knows the person well write a preface to your biography or a foreword. It will be double-check to ensure that details are correct.
  • Do not include imaginary or exaggerated situations. Truthfulness, honesty and authenticity are vital issues in a biography.
  • Before finalizing it, it is advisable to give it to at least ten people to read it and take their feedback.

Help with writing biographies - Assignment Help

Students of the Arts faculty are the ones who are likely to get biography writing assignments. When they realize that just writing about a person's life about incidents in his life as and how they come to the mind does not make a good biography they understand that it is not an easy task. They may panic when they are assigned biographies as part of their internal assessment fulfilments. They are at a complete loss because they have no idea about the technicalities involved in biographical essays. They want to excel in performance but either the ability to identify and select relevant details and information or lack of writing skills proves to be a major block. They are only too glad if they find someone to help them get through the ordeal.

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