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In the growing world the number of data are increased gradually. The data may be about anything in the world, but it should processed in a meaningful outcome or Making sense of all the data. The datas are stored in database server, In which some are public access to do research and data analysis. There are different kinds of statistical software programming are emerged to maintain the large number of datas. These makes the student to involve in the multidisciplinary action.

What is Statistics?

Statistics is the brach of Mathematics gives the information about processes and methods applied to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Some years back its hard and complicated process in maintaining the large set of datas, Which could do by the manual computing like mean, median etc., In present days Computer technology play important role in maintaining and updating the collective data. 

What is Bio-Statistics?

Bio-Statistics is the branch of statistics which are maintaining and manipulate the biological dataset. Biological dataset are the information of living thing from which are collected through research, survey in health centre, research labs, etc., The interpreted data of the living things are resulting in a passion of graphs, Histograms and other graphical representation. 

Is Bio-Statistics important for student?

There are abundant set of biological data are increasing in the world. It is the broad discipline in maintain the information of real-world. The advanced Statistic methods are helpful in updation, tracking, retrieving and manipulation the data set. Dataset is the collection of raw data, it should be convert it into meaningful data or information. The method of retrieving data must be optimised by the Student. Student should have knowledge biology, health policy, clinical medicine, public health policy, health economics, proteomics, genomics, and other disciplines. 

What is the role of Computer Science in Bio-Statistics?

Computer programming knowledge is the important to govern the all the mentioned disciplines. There are different computer algorithm to manipulate the different types of data using the 1 computer programming. Bio-Statistics is emerging field in health sector to identified cause of the disease and maintain the living organisms in the world from the extinct. The increasing number of data reduce the error and increase the accuracy of the result.

Difficulty in solving Bio-statistics problem?

Several studies has been attempt to understand the difficulties faces by the student. Student are inability to have mathematical problem solving skill. Some are struggling in understanding the methods of problem solving and reading the problem or misreading the Sign to understand the requirement. The difficulties are exist in the multidisciplinary knowledge. Student should posses the knowledge of mathematics as well as biology. Most of the student felt difficult in inconsistent at computing leads to prone to error. The wrong results are making the students to loose the hope and loss of interest in developing of the skills. These could be solved by providing the intensive skill development training to solve the big data set and to increase the confident to solve more problems. 

Strategy to solve Bio-statistics problem

• knowledge about the detals

• Assume and predict the outcomes of their actions

• Sustain in their effort and directed to goal

• Choose the best or appropriate way for solving (inhibiting first responses when necessary)

• Keep tracking their answers at each step from deviation from the goal 

Some important concepts to solve the Bio-Statistic problems 

There are certain concepts to solve the Bio-Statistics problem. 

• Mathematical(Statistical)Operation – Mean, Median, Standard DeviationAlgebra, Probability, Algebra, Co-relation, Covariance etc., 

• Biology – Knowledge of living system with the nomenclature and their taxonomy.

• data format type – The frequently used format are CSV(Comma separated value), pdb(protien data bank), geneBank format etc., 

• Algorithm – Sorting algorithm are used in sorting the data in a aspect. Clustering algorithm is to segregate 

• Computer programming – R Language, python etc.,

Support in Bio-Statistics Homework and Assignment

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