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Automobile Engineering

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What is meant by Automobile Engineering?

Automobile Engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering which incorporate various elements of electrical, mechanical, software, electronics, safety and software engineering which are applied to design, operation and manufacturing of motorbikes, automobile and heavy loading trucks etc. Automobile Engineering also deals with modification of motorcycles and automobiles. In the manufacture domain creation and assembling the whole parts of automobile occurs. In nutshell, Automobile Engineering is to design, develop, assembling or fabricating, testing, and trial of vehicles or vehicle parts in the stage of production and development.

Various aspects of Automobile Engineering discipline

Automobile Engineering discipline is the combined form of various streams or disciplines i.e. software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering which are used with their concepts and technologies to design an automobile as per the need. In Automobile Engineering, some aspects of engineering attributes are applied which are given below:

Vehicle Dynamics: Vehicle Dynamics is the response of vehicle with handling, riding, braking, steering, traction and comfort etc. Designing of chassis system including suspension, structure, braking, steering, wheels, tires are controlled under the vehicle dynamics.

Fuel Economy and emissions:  Fuel efficiency of the vehicle is measured in kilometers per litre under the fuel economy. Also emission of gases are observed and controlled.

NVH engineering: NVH here stands for noise, vibration and harshness. As the name indicates NVH engineering is applied to improve the overall performance of automobile by reducing the noise, vibration and harshness etc.

Safety Engineering: Safety engineering deals with various crash conditions of automobile and the impact of that on occupants. Safety engineering is used to verify the automobile after testing many tests against government regulations.

Performance:  Performance of automobile is measured and tested various values under some condition to improve the ability of vehicle.

Drivability: Drivability is the response of vehicle to general driving conditions such as RPM, idle response, and performance levels.

Why Automobile Engineering Stream is famous among all other Engineering courses

Automobile Engineering stream is famous among all other Engineering courses because of its enormous opportunity and career growth in this field. Students are taking interest to do a course of automobile engineering. There are lots of organizations which are always in search of good automobile engineers and ready to offer them good salary packages.

Why students get stuck with Automobile Engineering assignments?

Students of Automobile engineering get many homework/assignments in the span of course duration. These assignments are completely dependent on the various concepts of automobile engineering and it is designed in this way that student can enhance their knowledge of subject but it is not as simple as say because most of the students are not capable enough to handle the assignment pressure along with their other subject work. Automobile assignments are complex to do and take professional hand if securing good score is ones desire.

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