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AutoCAD Coursework

Importance of AutoCAD in Academic Curriculum

Drawing is an easy way to show your ideas to others in some perfect manners. In other words, drawing is a language of your brain. It explores your ideas in the better way instead of words. That's why drawing has a specific place in the academic curriculum. It doesn't matter in which standard you are it is essential to learn drawing, though technique could be changed.

As technology, has very strong influence on each perspective of life and advancement of technologies make life more convenient for teachers, students, workers, businessman, and common man. Without the computer, you cannot access modern technology.

 Drawing is also in the influenced of technology and it is getting advanced with the passage of time. There are so many techniques used now days like AutoCAD, google sketch, Photoshop, in design etc.

AutoCAD is the software program which referred as Computer Aided Drafting. This software program enables students to understand the technologies and its application possibilities. Students can learn the use of computer programs in computer-aided design. Professionals use this software program in the field of architecture, mechanical, electronics, industrial design, interior designing, aeronautical design.

 AutoCAD is used for 2D AND 3D design and drafting. Computer Aided Designing programs could be executed on personal computers very easily. AutoCAD first version used for only to make a complex object by using primitive's entities like polygons, circles, arcs, lines and text. The modern release of software supports so many application programs by interfacing for automation and customization because modern version consists of 3D and solid modelling and has ability to interfacing with the custom products. It is the best substitute of manual drawing.

Nowadays in many universities computer aided designing preferred to teach over manual drawing because it is more beneficial than manual drawing. Manual drawing needs compass and protractor to draw a sample. In manual drawing more chances of error, less accuracy, unable to correct errors, waste of time, less efficiency, need more attention, can't fix out problem easily, can't draw complex part easily, no 3D view, can't view each angle, no clear vision, required more time while in other hand computer aided design requires only software program. It executes easily on personal computers. Easy to train students the use of these modern tools has more accurate, efficient, easy to use, easily fix out the problematic area, fewer chances of error and less time required. 

AutoCAD software program is important for the engineering student to learn. It helps the students to understand the impact of engineering. Many industries are using this software program for many years. It used to build design of bridges, buildings, Stadiums, homes, electrical and so much more.

AutoCAD classes have several advantages, by working on this software program student realize that how to make the product which they use on daily basis. The major advantage of AutoCAD is that it improves productivity as compare to manual drawing. By working on this software student vision increase and they visualize final shape and work of product easily and ensure that project has done with all essential steps. If some step gets missed, in that case, it is easy to take corrective action on the same project without creating new design or sample as we must do in manual drawings. By learning this software program the quality of design enhanced. It helps to show your ideas and design to your team and make it easy to understand to all team members which save time and energy and enable all them to complete their project faster than manual work. Software make it easy to create documentation for their design this is a big advantage of the teaching of CAD software students learn the process of documentation, Documentation contains all the information of materials, specifications, details of the contractor as well. Going to this type of training teaches the student of effective and efficient use of tools and materials respectively which used for manufacturing purpose which in return improve overall productivity and make product good.

AutoCAD software program is so easy to use. Therefore Employer prefers those individuals who have the skills of AutoCAD to enhance productivity and innovation. By learning this technique student enables to make everything from electrical circuits and structural bridges with all details of materials, specifications, and contractors.

This software widely used in civil engineering field because of its ability to build design easier than manual drawings. Now civil engineer by learning this technique can easily lay out sites, roads, sidewalks, bridges and other items. It also reduced the cost of construction and ensures the quality of work.

AutoCAD software program also helps mechanical engineers in the preliminary design stage and to detect flaw before production which in turn save time and resources.

It also beneficial for electrical engineers to learn this software program because this technique enables them to increase design efficiency of electrical circuits and integrate them effectively without wasting valuable time.

It also assists industrial engineers by designing layout of machines and simple mechanism, by calculating area, parameters, and other useful details.

this software programs also help the manager to take a quick decision regarding materials, tools, design approval. This software guide managers about the design of the product and easy process of making that product. It makes easy for managers to coordinate the entire department and aware them about the product and how the product needs to complete efficiently.

By going through all above it concluded that it is important to teach AutoCAD software program. It is essential for every field such as engineering, management, interior designing. It must be a part of academic curriculum. Academies must train their students about AutoCAD software program and their upgraded versions and its implementation in daily life. By adding these skills in students make them able to innovative new ideas and implement them by knowing risk factor related with that ideas. Students with this skill can get the job more easily. Employers prefer those individuals who know to move with the technology and it is the responsibility of academics to aware their students about advanced technology and effective use of it.

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