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Through put Costing

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Concepts Behind Throughput Costing

Throughput Costing is based on certain norms and is a simple managerial technique that imparts the managers with data that supports their decision making for the augmentation of organization's profits. Throughput costing is quite recent in managerial accounting. It is methods that highlights the criteria acting as a constraint for a company to achieve its targets and then emphasizes on simple techniques that motivate behavior in major sectors to enable a company attain its targets. Throughput Accounting is neither price accounting nor pricing since it is focusing on costs and does not assign all the cost (variable and fixed costs including overheads) to items and services sold or imparted by an organization. Keeping in mind the rules of dynamics, only expenses that change completely with units of output e.g. raw materials are assigned to items and services that are subtracted from the sales to compute Throughput. Throughput Accounting (TA) is a managerial accounting method utilized as the performance indicator in the Theory of Constraints. It is the business sense utilized for increasing profits, but unlike cost accounting which mainly emphasizes reducing costs. As a concept, Throughput Accounting intends to augment the rate at which throughput is produced by items and services w.r.t an company's limiting factor whether that limiting factor is external or internal to the company. Throughput Accounting is the only management accounting technique which accounts for constraints as limiting criteria to the company's output.

A brief regarding the concepts of Throughput Accounting. TA utilizes three indicators of income and expenditure which are listed as below:-

  • Throughput (T) is the speed at which the system generates "goal units". In case the goal units are cash the rate at which the system produces "goal units." When the goal units are money (incoming for profitable ventures), throughput is net sales (S) minus totally variable cost (TVC), normally the price of the raw materials (T = S - TVC). It is important to note that T only exists whenever there is a sale of the item or service. Production of raw materials sitting in a warehouse is not considered throughput but is seen as investment. ("Throughput" is at times known as "throughput contribution" and is similar to the concept of "contribution" in marginal costing which is sales revenues minus variable costs - variable is determined as per the marginal costing methodology)
  • Investment(I) is the cash blocked in the system. This is the cash linked with inventory, machines, buildings and miscellaneous assets and liabilities. In the previous Theory of Constraints(TOC) documents, the "I" was exchanged between inventory and investment. The preferable term is now investment. As per TOC recommendations, inventory is evaluated only on totally variable cost linked with creation of the inventory and not with extra cost allocation from overheads.
  • Operating expense(OE) is the cash the system spends in producing goal units. Regarding the physical items, OE is the total expenditure excepting the price of the raw materials. OE comprises of maintenance, utilities, rental, taxation and salaries.

There are certain limitations and drawbacks of Throughput Accounting. Some of these are listed as under:-

  • The main drawback of Throughput Accounting is that it is very costly. They are short-term decision making techniques and are beneficial only if applicable to the entire supply chain including management, production, resources and support. Depending on the situation, operating expenses under TOC/TA are considered as fixed, which is simple in for the detracting parties. Hence, TOC and TA are essentially same as variable pricing.
  • The genuineness of TOC was seriously affected when several drawbacks were encountered by a firm with their TA formulation. They corrected their TA departmental performance techniques and rolled back their TA product costing in favor of an activity based costing (ABC) approach. Following this disparity, it is unclear as to where commercial advantage lies. Over the last decade, various researches have been published highlighting the contributions of TOC and TA.

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