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Statement of Cash Flows

Facilitating Preparation Of Statement Of Cash Flows

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Statement Of Cash Flows

We aim at providing impeccable services for preparation of effective Statements of Cash Flows. Every large and smaller sized organization conducts transactions in cash. The cash inflow and outflow is an indicator of the organization's performance. These are a measure of the organization's successful output of failures or its capability to overcome a recurring debt situation. This analysis is achieved by preparation of cash flow statement. It is essential for the organizations to publicly display their cash flow statements with their final accounting scenario.

Now a brief regarding the concept of a cash flow statement. A statement of accounts that depicts cash inflow and outflow for a commonly for a particular time period is termed as Statement of Cash Flow. This statement shows the source of cash flow and how the cash has been utilized by the company. Hence the Statement of Cash Flow provides the annual movement of cash inside the company and out of the company. This statement provides an overview of the source and utilization of cash in a company during a particular fiscal.

The prime motives of preparing a Statement of Cash Flow are described as under:-

  • To furnish data regarding cash inflow and outflow from the functional, finance related and investment related activities of the company.
  • To highlight the effect of functional, show the impact of the operating, finance related and investment related activities of the company on the cash reserves.
  • To describe amount of cash coming in, amount of cash going out and finding out the net cash flow during a specified period of time
  • Justification of reasons for variations in cash balance.
  • Identification of financial requirements and prediction of upcoming cash flows.

Preparing a Statement of Cash Flow requires superior analytical and know-how skills related to finance and accounting.

Following are the major steps which can be utilized for creating an effective Statement of Cash Flow:-

  • Preparation of the operational parameters portion through conversion of net income from real-time to cash basis. This section initiates from showing the net income and then fine tuning by adjusting assets and liabilities to arrive at cash provision by utilizing operating parameters.
  • Preparation of investment related operating section by focusing on effect of non-current assets on the cash portion
  • Preparation of the financial parameters section by highlighting the non-current liabilities and equitable portion. This step emphasizes the impact noncurrent liabilities and equitable portion are having on cash. This data along with data related to payable cash dividends are utilized for executing this step.
  • Reconciliation of variation in cash. Every step of the Statement of Cash Flow described above overall cash generated through increasing or decreasing the activity. The ultimate step reinstates that net of these variations equals cash variation shown on the balance sheet. Assuming a balanced sheet depicts Rs 100 at end of this year and Rs 50 at end of last year. This step matches variation of Rs 50 during this year with the variations of the three portions of the statement of cash flows.

Certain challenges are faced during preparation of Statement of Cash Flows. Some of them are described as under:-

  • Issues faced in collection of receivables- The biggest challenge lies in timely collection of receivables to convert them into liquid cash form.
  • Operations burdened with bad debts- In case the efforts for collection of receivables yield no result, then they convert to bad debts. These are normally treated as expenses and more the bad debts, fewer cash can be utilized for the business operations.
  • Diminishing Sales- Sales is the crux of cash flow. Fewer sales impact operations and liquid cash and thorough analysis need to be done to strengthen the sales.
  • High overheads- This is a common problem wherein too much spending is done on overheads which include costs related to indirect labor and material.
  • Lower gross margin- Issues related to cash flows occurs due to low price or high costs or combination of both.

We are providing superior quality services and support to our Customers for completing their assignments and homework on creation of Statements of Cash flow.

Few of the services imparted by us are as follows-

  • High quality technical expertise and methodologies pertaining to finance and accounting for facilitating completion of assignments related to formulation of cash flow statements.
  • Including several samples and typical cash flow statements which will act as a useful guideline to our Customers for preparation of cash flow statements.
  • Elaborating the different steps to be conducted for creating an effective statement of cash flow and further detailing the processes carried out in every step.
  • Indicating the issues and challenges faced while preparing the cash flow statements highlighting specifically the problems encountered and providing resolutions to these issues.
  • Detailing various parameters of cash flow statements viz. direct, indirect costs, investments and liabilities along with reconciliation of variations in cost.

To conclude, preparing high quality statements of cash flows requires excellent knowledge and vast experience.

Following are the key reasons why we should be chosen for completing assignments pertaining to preparation of cash flow statements-

  • We are having talented and competent tutors on our panel who guide our Customers effectively for generating superior quality cash flow statements and who also possess the required skills in accounting and financing.
  • We acquaint our readers to the several methodologies of preparing cash flow statements in a simple style and sequentially explain the various steps to be conducted for creating such statements.
  • We provide a number of sample cash flow statements that help our readers to easily understand the concept of cash flow which makes preparation of such statements a simple affair for them. We have numerous guiding examples as guidelines.
  • We further emphasize on the issues faced while preparing cash flow statements and provide effective solutions for resolving the same.
  • We are extremely techno-commercially effective and reasonable in price for the services we impart for preparation of effective and flawless statements of cash flow.

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