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Other Assets Turnover Ratio

Concepts Behind Other Assets Turnover Ratio

Generation of sales is the priority of any business in order to improve its profits and invest in assets. These assets are used to further develop sales in a particular manner in businesses in order to increase the effectiveness of a concern and to improve the sales turnover and targets. This also provides an impetus to the business, which benefits from its accumulation of assets. The turnover improves the profit as well as increases the dividends of the share holders. Hence, Assets Turnover Ratio is a multi-faceted calculation which influences not only sales in a concern, but also the profit and re-investment opportunities. Asset Turnover Ratio is computed using the formula

Other Asset Turnover Ratio = Sales of the concern / Total Assets (average value)

The total assets of a concern could either be movable or immovable or in the form of shareholders' equity. The value of sales of the business could be deciphered from its Income Statement as well as Credit Sales Statements.

The Other Assets Turnover Ratio can be calculated in the form of Fixed Assets Turnover, which suggests the sales turnover with regards to fixed assets involved in the business, such as immovable property, lands, and so on of the business concern. The Capital Turnover mentions the amount of capital invested in the business and the sales turnover which it instigates. Current Assets Turnover is another ratio which considers the present assets accrued by the business which determine its sales turnover, in the form of machinery and equipment which have been recently purchased to improve the business prospects of a concern. Another ratio which is involved in Other Assets Turnover Ratio is the Working Capital Turnover, which involves the capital being invested in the business to improve the sales turnover of the business.

Other Assets Turnover Ratio gives an overall picture of the sales turnover of a concern with reference to the investments made either in the form of fixed assets, which may refer to any form of asset which is not movable but which contributes to the improvement of the business. The Capital of a concern is that which is invested as an asset, while the working capital indicates that which is invested in the form that is utilized for purchases and other valuables for the concern. Always working capital is beneficial in the sense that it provides the funds required to carry on the business. The entrepreneurs who find working capital for their business find it interesting to develop the profit turnover of the business, utilizing the funds available which would result in better profit margins and greater amount of reinvestment into the business, thereby improving the magnitude of the operations. Current Assets are those which have been recently incorporated into the business and whose value will be greater than the older assets as they would have undergone only a year or two of depreciation. Therefore, investment of the current assets into the business as a sales improvement process will bring in better turnover.

Difficulties Encountered In Other Assets Turnover Ratio

Assets Turnover Ratio involves several concepts to be calculated in the form of Fixed Assets Turnover, Capital Turnover, Working Capital Turnover, and so on. Extensive knowledge on all the concepts is difficult to imbibe for students, who may get confused with certain points and may feel it necessary to consult information on that which may not be authentic. Stress should also be laid on the differences between Other Assets Turnover Ratio and Assets Turnover Ratio as they seem to be similar topics but could however, be tackled from different perspectives. The intricate manner in which the Other Assets Turnover Ratio involves Capital and Assets constituting them as four different entities adds to the indecision of the students, who might think them all as the same set of ratios, while in problem solving contexts they are entirely different. These facts should always be borne in mind while undertaking calculations and specific assignments regarding Other Assets Turnover Ratio.

Help With Other Assets Turnover Ratio Assignment - Homework

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