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Positive work environment is more productive

Employee Morale in Gallup Organization in respect to the outlook, confidence, behavior, attitude, and job satisfaction and the feelings and the expressions of welfare of laborers in the organization have resulted to both positive and negative impact on the productivity of the organization based on my experience on the company. I have discovered that the secret to success or failure of such organization is the employee morale awakening or weakening as those necessary things provided to make an employee happy or enthusiasts at work may be usually absence. A situation whereby laborers are optimistic about their working conditions or environments are capable of attaining their vocational requirements or essential career at work, the morale of the employee is high and positive and therefore the leadership of the organization need to apply some changes as highlighted below

As mentioned above; in respect to the motivation of employees, it is not possible to provide employees an optimistic morale in Gallup Organization. Manager can handle major part of the organization in which the laborers works per day.


Based on my experience, employee morale at Gallup Organizations is a significant factor that determines output and the general financial condition of the organization; poor morale of the Organization can result to a minimized concentration which could also results to missed deadlines, poor customer service as well as results to mistakes. It can also result to absenteeism and also a maximized rate of turnover. Morale of an employee is confirms to be disadvantageous to Gallup Organizations in these manners. Morale can push the organization forward and can also result to poor job performance, discontent by employee as well as absenteeism. In the Gallup Organizations; there are 25 millions majorly disconnected workers costing the economy of America as much as $450 million from a year in lost output as well as illness, absenteeism as well as other challenges as it can lead to the unhappiness of such workers at the place of work. Failure to emphasize on this problem may result to a maximized rate of associated costs and absenteeism, minimized productivity, maximized disagreement at the Gallup Organizations, maximized employee turnover costs and rates common with training as well as selection changes of staff and also a maximized consumer and customer complaints


Based on experience, the relationship that exists between the organizational performance as well as employee morale is easy and straightforward. Below are lists of its solutions

-          There is the need for laborers in Gallup Organizations to center on their tasks, they need to be encouraged to ensure the best of their capabilities and work harder towards the attainment of the goals of the organization

-          Gallup Organizations should ensure the best and appropriate face forward not solely that they are more good looking but that they are also capable to attain their jobs more appropriately

-          There is the need to ensure that employees feel significant, essential and appreciated stakeholders of the organization chain and as such. They should be prepared to ensure an optimistic attitude action towards their clients and colleagues and anyone they come in contact with

There is the need to ensure that the morale of a laborer in Gallup Organizations is maximized is one of the appropriate things that can be carried out to maintain a yielding and fruitful workplace and instill loyalty.

Other Various Raising Methods Recommendations

Staffs or laborers tend to be deficient of motivation to carry out their tasks when there is low morale. An absence of less motivation can also in nature be circular. Employees and management can assist in boosting the morale of an organization in various ways.

-          Providing a Unique rewarding food system for completing a huge project: if time limit to a project is approaching and morale is triggering; employees in Gallup Organizations can ensure an enhancement of motivation if they are going to collect something significant for completing on time the variety of the food reward system should tally with the activity and attempt that laborers will be undertaking. If the project is huge and Gallup Organizations have finance, a nice dinner project will be necessary as employee should be allowed to apply for a free lunch or pizza

-          Employees should be surprised with a free meal when it is unexpected by introducing an unannounced free treats as this is a better way to ensure the morale of employee in Gallup Organizations

-          Providing a Free Restaurant Gift Certificate to the best employee performance: employees who go beyond or above or have a good record attendance can be provided with a beautiful gift certificate at any good restaurant as this is a visible award that majority of laborers will like particularly as they share it with family and friend

-          Provide Plan of Constant Free Food Time: Most Companies possesses a particular days of the week or "pizza Fridays" where uncharged food is provided to staffs. It is usually good to create this at the ending of a particular period when staffs might be short of finance and can apply some additional assistance paying for food. An uncharged lunch is basically a good reward in this kind of scenario than an uncharged breakfast will be

-          Take Staffs idea or demand for the type of meal they will demand: While it is convenient to order or call up a few pizza; staffs may likely not like this type of cushion. If it is not unexpected, ensure that they vote the type of menu offering they intend to have. Having the opportunity to choose their own selection and been happy will assist in boosting employee morale perfectly.

In Conclusion; if employees Morale are improved upon by Gallup Organization Management, then the organization will change positive particularly in the aspect of its productions and other necessary factors that will enhance the organization growth and development.

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