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Tips to write a perfect Essay

Essays are the integral part of learning and responding to the topics in the most admirable way. Essay is a craft associated with intellectual proven exercise which helps students or any one writing the essay to create a writing that is powerful and engaging, using their best skills and thoughts. Essay for students are the most important tool that is being regularly tested in the their academic career , but now and then even the most brilliant of students are unable to compile the best of the essays . This is the quest to find out what are the best techniques and tips to get the perfect essay every time! 


1. Structure of the essay - The most important part before writing any essay is to create a basic structure of the essay. Many a times what differentiates a good essay with a poor one is the whole structure of the essay. Structuring the essay is important as it helps to create the right flow of the essay from the start till end. In order to get perfect structure ,before writing any essay think about the three most important points on rough page-  is Why , What and How . It is important to know the topic from all the angels, why are you writing the particular topic i.e. its driving force , what are the important points to remember related to particular topic which needs to be included in the essay and lastly how can you improve the loopholes you have observed making rough structures.

2. Parts of Essay- Any essay of any level must have three parts - Introduction, Body and conclusion. Anyone willing to write an essay must construct their essay around these three parts. 

3. Essay Thesis: One of the most important traits in essay writing is the focus on a particular topic. It is important to bind the theme of the topic in whole essay and be focused on it. Whenever writing a very short and concise essay always remember to define the main topic as single statement which is to be called thesis statement. In the case even when there is not a particular single statement, an essay must revolve around a focused main topic. One may write multiple paragraphs or arguments; everything should focus on the central theme and idea of the essay.

4. Introduction- Introduction is most important part of the whole piece of writing; it is that binding opening paragraph that creates a base for reader. It happens when writing an essay, a writer has a lot of thoughts in mind to write various arguments and supporting point related to the topic and they undoubtedly write interesting body of the essay describing all the major points, but they fail to give the essay a proper introduction using right words which makes the whole essay dicey, this lands us to the point of writing a clean and impactful introduction stating the main idea you are going to explore in the essay.

5. Body of the Essay - The body of essay explains, clarifies or depicts your main topic. Every fundamental thought that you wrote in your rough work on structure will turn into a different area inside the body of your paper.

Every body section will have the same essential structure. Start by composing one of your fundamental thoughts as the basic sentence. Next, compose each of your supporting thoughts in sentence design; however leave nearly four lines in the middle of every point to return and give any detailed if required at the end. Fill in the gaps with relative data that will connect littler thoughts together. 

6. Audience: A good and creative writer must always customize their essay keeping in mind the right audience who is going to read the piece of writing. It is important to keep in mind the audience and their interest in the topic and what value the essay could add in their learning, this simple piece of advice will always undoubtedly create a hook with audience that makes you a great writer.

7. Conclusion- The conclusion basically brings conclusion of the subject and totals up your general thoughts while giving a last point of view on your theme. Your decision ought to comprise of three to four strong sentences. Just review your fundamental theme and give support of your thesis statement.


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