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Importance of Science in Academic Curriculum - Homework Solutions

Importance of Science 

There are many subjects prescribed in our academic curriculum, in order to get the understanding of each subject. Later it depends upon students in which subject or field, they want to pursue their career. Science is one of those subjects, which taught us about our environment, day-to-day life, the universe, etc.

It let us understand different aspects of life like how humans and animals came into existence, what should be done for a healthy life, how we can fight with diseases, how technology is growing and its impact on future and fast, etc. It provides various scopes to students to take it as their main subject moving further. In nutshell, Science is very interesting subject for those who want to explore and love to solve the mystery.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Science problems

Fear is the mother of all difficulties. First, students should never think that I am not a Science kind of person. No one has born after learning everything. Science is a subject of understanding concept.

Second, interest should be there for the subject. A teacher should play an important role if he/she finds any student, who is not showing interest in learning the subject. Science is a subject where the teacher explains the concept with different examples of our day-to-day life, they can show some subject related pictures and videos in class, etc. to make the subject interesting.

Next thing, which I want to highlight, is the understanding of concepts. If anyone thinks that he/she can mug up all the concepts and formulas in order to solve the problem, this will not be going to help them. A student should try to get why a certain thing is happening.

The last thing which we all know i.e. 'Practice makes the man perfect'. Hence, as many students will practice as much expertise they will gain in the subjects. Teachers should give textbook solutions to students such that they can try to solve problems by their own. It also helps the teacher to analyze the understanding a particular student.

Let us see some examples of how we solve Science problems

Why we use the convex mirror for rear view in vehicles?

Ans: We will think why we use the mirror in vehicles. To see other vehicles coming from behind in order to avoid the accident. If any vehicle is coming fast from behind, we can see it in rear view mirror and can take a side to give the pass to that vehicle. So generally, we have three options concave, convex and plane mirror. If we use the convex mirror, we can see that vehicle before. As it shows the image in diminished form, so a driver can see the large area behind. He/She can take preventive measure in advance in order to avoid an accident. Hence, convex mirror is the right answer.

What method is used to obtain a metal from its oxide? Give an example.

Ans: Reduction process is used to extract a metal from its oxide.

Example: Let us take an example of hydrazine (N2H4). We should extract nitrogen out of it using O2. Therefore, we have N2H4 and O2 as input and we require N2 as output. We will write the equation as below:

N2H4 + O2à N2+?

N2H4 + O2à N2 + 2H2O (By balancing the equation)

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