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Difficulties faced by a student while solving Algebra problems- get help online


Algebra is often called as gatekeeper subject. It is used by professionals like electricians, architects and computer scientist. It is essential for college graduates and for high school students too. It is the prerequisite for geometry, algebra II, trigonometry and calculus. Here are some examples where we have to use algebra:

1.      Science

Algebra is required for every science project.

2.      Every day life

Algebraic calculations are required in buying things from market, managing bank accounts and in almost everything we do from morning to night.

   3. Data entry

 When working on the computer with spreadsheets we need algebraic skills to enter, design and plan.

   4. Decision making

While buying car or a cell phone we have to calculate specifications of it. We use algebra before making our choice.By drawing up a graph and weighing the best option we will get the best value for our money.

      5. Interest Rates         

Percentage and graphs have to be drawn for comparing interest rates.

Difficulties faced by students while solving ALGEBRA problems

Students often don't know the proper approach to solve the problem. They get confused by reading the entire problem and give up in between. They don't visualize the problem and give up without applying proper logic.

Topics to solve ALGEBRA problem


Problem-solving strategy


1) Understand the problem

2) Look for familiar patterns

3) Break the problem up

4) Visualize

5) Try different techniques

6) Don't give up.

1) Understand the problem:  Try to understand the problem by reading it twice. Look at the problem carefully before starting. Now after reading question, try to identify known and unknown quantities. Start thinking about the techniques that can be used and the kind of answers you expect to find.

2) Look for familiar patterns:  Use your experience .Check is there anything about the form of an equation or the shape of a graph or the phrase of a question that seems familiar? If you can compare formulae or terms or shapes of problems you will solve it before then you can solve the problems by appltying the same technique.

3) Break up the problem:  A big complicated problem is sometimes a combination of several simple problems. We should find out small problems to work on separately. Maybe we don't know how to find all the variables all at once, but we can figure them out one at a time. After solving the easy parts, those answers can help us get the rest of the way.

4) Visualize:  A picture speaks a lot more than word. A quick sketch or a graph can  make relationships clear in a way that words or numbers don't. A table, diagram, or chart can make you understand the problem.

5) Different techniques: Math problems requires several techniques. We can find out the answers by applying different approach to questions.


Problems with one pair of brackets-:

 Simplify by using BODMAS :


a)  2 ( 3x + 4 ) + 8

b)  -4 ( x + 3 ) - 7 

c)  -2 ( x - 7 ) + 4 

d)  -4 ( -x - 8 ) + 4 

e)  -(3/2) ( -x - 6) + 4 

f)  1.2 ( -2.2x - 1.7 ) + 0.4

g)  5(2x + 3y +4) - x + 2y + 6 

h)  x(2x + 3y +4) - x 2 + 6xy - 12

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