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What are the challenges of researchers in the USA?

Researchers Challenges in USA

This article reviews briefly the challenges faced by the Researchers in US . The number of graduate students is increasing faster than staff or faculty provided. As they are facing problem of unemployment. Another challenge seen by the researchers in US is the lack of knowledge about career options. They should provide proper career guidelines so that they can proceed in appropriate career. Lack of communication among can create conflict in a number of ways.

Researchers has become an increasing competitive field and spread wide range of funding, publishing prototypes, career prospects and research management. The culture of scientific research affects scientists those who are the most important phase of academic career. The quality of data, respondents and insights are the biggest challenges to market researchers. Researchers often use suppliers to being representatives. There is confusion arises how to get the data which contains all demographic segments.

The biggest challenges researchers are facing are impactful reporting. Impactful reporting refers to the ability to provide or recover reports or to the story to the client.

Another challenge is technology. Business principles are reliable more effective and creative. The usage of technology is increasing day by day which is creating more impact on the researchers. Most of the common challenge faced by the researchers is the data management.  How they are gathering business, handling both the primary and alternative research resources to make the sense of data. As there are too many more competing techniques the researchers are juggling various tools of their company. They do not receiveproper training to understand better those tools. 

There are suppliers and customers when they come to interpreting data, the market researchers perceive that they are seeking the truth.

Researchers get low response rates as there are lots of people those are known about product and services through technology. So they do not concentrate on survey and they do not participate also. There are so much of information available that sometimes it is difficult for a researches to show their unique value or morale.

Now here insights how to overcome research challenges. For the challenge choosing the right topic you can not do anything else until you figure it out the basis focus of your topic said by Doctor Susan from Walden. She earned PHD in Psychology.  She also discussed on the topics which determine what resources you have available, like time, money. She gently pointed out some lines as "No one can change the world with any dissertation, but with the body of knowledge we can".

Dr. Linda Crawford who is a faculty member in Walden PHD program has received the BERNAREL L. TURNER Award two times for chairing dissertation receipts. She offered several techniques for getting on the right path when its come to choosing the appropriate methodology for study. She said "The best way to choose is not to be choose" through these words she convey that methodology comes from research question, not form personal preference for one design or another. She also said that once if we become clear weather we are going in quantitative directions, we can more begin to look more detail at methodology. This refers to from whom we are going to data and to analyse it after collecting it. We should always be honest about our abilities to perform. We should take time with the planning process before to go out and to spend time, money and energy to do big study. Because once you begin you can not stop.

Research is never done in a small area. There is always need a team to support, as well as to study along. Dr. Henna savage who earned PHD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences advice assemble a network of advisor before go through to begin your research. She said to cultivate friendship with people who are going to help you think critically about your topic. She also said that people are willing to help when you come structured and preparation.  People will be more helpful to you if you could able to let them understand what is your perceptive about the particular research.

Sometimes study participants require to go through institutions. Dr. Rodney, PHD in public health managed to overcome a big challenge of participants for their study. He advices to not waste money. He also approached to establish researchers in his field for guidance and networking. He said he was also nervous but when he went ahead and contacted to much known researchers and one of turned on to be advocate in his research and requirements. If he had ever listened to his fear he would have never gotten participants for him.

Staying motivated and working on your plans, sometimes the biggest challenge can be internal pressure of work and personal commitment may cause problems during the research. As Dr. Latrice Y. Walker completed her PHD in education in eight quarters shared her strategies for maintaining confident attitude and staying the course with any large scale research project. She mentioned that we should follow our passion and our purpose. The first component of motivation is something we are passionate. The research will increase your passion to complete your research. When there is so much to do attitude does not make a difference there you must believe that you can make it through the process. You should reward yourself for your work plan.

Dealing with the data collected is the final Challenge is knowing how to make sense of the data you are collected. Dr. Ronald , PHD in education said that we should ground ourselves in the research. He mentioned that the data should be presented in a way that demonstrates how your research add to body of knowledge. When you have a kind of qualitative data, you have to work on the data. You should take advantage of technologies for working on data. The quantitative research is looking for patterns and having good software program. The researches needs to address the biases of an individual completing the survey before the results announced.

As the centre for Research Support people in US  with many of the specific research challenge outlined. When it comes to choosing the topic and methodology, the centre update with new resources and with good opportunities.

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