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USA or AUSTRALIA-which country offers better opportunity for study

USA or AUSTRALIA which is better to study?


Well we all want to study abroad, but many cannot due to various problems like health, finance etc. The education system is always better in foreign countries. The innovative techniques, expert teachers, top universities etc, all these make it different from other education system. If you are fond of English speaking study destination, then you should consider either America or Australia. You should also understand and know which country offers better opportunity for study is it affordable will I get work after my graduation? Below list are the keys which you can differentiate and you can choose a country which is best in the world when it comes to international education.

1. Reputation and quality:- Both countries promise to give a quality higher education. No other country will have as much as universities than USA; which are ranked in top ten categories around the world. This point is enough for the students to make number one choice for studying internationally. There are varied places in USA where you can study which are governed by separate state laws. They also offer different range of tuition fees for various colleges. USA based education is like we get everything from latest technologies to best academic teachers in the world. Australia is small populated country say about 20 million people residing, It also has world class of universities and colleges If one has Australian degree he /she is highly portable around the world with astructure of recognized qualification and reputation for useful teaching and research.

2. Employment opportunities:-Finding a job is a difficult task abroad; people usually go abroad to study to improve the career option in future. That is why students study so that they get good job for all the hard work they have done. In USA one should think about the subject which you are going to choose for your course. For example if you study medical or law which is dream of every student, May sometime limit in countries where you actually practice. It is bit uneasy to find work in USA because of restriction of work visa. An American education is highly accepted by the employers all around the world.
In Australia the unemployment ratio is less one can work as part-time employee, soon after he finishes his graduation .And also can apply for the work visa quickly as you graduate.

3. Style of education:-In Australia the style of education is combination of lectures and small tuition classes. They allow the students to work in small groups and there are essays to be completed and individual's examination. In USA the students are given choices to choose the subjects as per his interest. One can take different types of courses and switch to different institution. Many international students find easier to study in USA because they can study at smaller college and then to large universities for their last two years of programs, this gives students the time to adjust in the country, and improve his skills and learn basic element of your study in surrounding environment.

4. English education:-Both countries teach in English but American English is quiet contrasting from Australia. America is famous for TOEFL as qualification and Australia lean towards IELTS.

5. Ease of entry:-It is always difficult to study abroad because of tougher competition among the students. It is even harder to get education in American schools, because they offer top courses and low acceptance rate for international students. Whereas in Australia there is smooth application and the visa processing is not that difficult, but on the other side there are lot of students taking up many courses which can affect your learning process.

6. Safety:-We always have to be careful wherever we go; no country is completely safe. But Australia is considered one of the safest and loving study destinations in the world. Whereas some parts of USA is not safe there have been reported higher crime rates than others.

7. Lifestyle:-Both countries will never allow you to feel lonely, they will support you as a student and you will never feel that you are far from your home. The people are friendly and quickly become friends and support you. Australia offers something unique it has wildlife, amazing natural wonders, enough sunshine and a very good place to relax, when you are not studying. Even one can discover culture and know about the history of the place, and most important shopping which young and old everyone likes. The US is like home for everyone they have snow, sun, and big bustling cities.

8. Value for money:-Most important stuff is the cost for the students. Australia is bit expensive countries to live nowadays. But you can work part time and get something in your pocket. Airfares are bit costlier, if you plan to travel around this vast city. There is compulsion to pay health insurance for the students, who come to study over here. While other side US is not that expensive when compared to Australia. Here also one can work part-time and earn his living, while the country is broad and huge and Australia is like a small pond.


According to my view it is really difficult to choose which country is better. USA or AUSTRALIA. But the information gives me the overall idea about the two countries. Before making decision one should always think about few points like will I afford the course fees and cost of living? Will it help me career path? Will I meet the entry and visa requirement? Will it provide a recognized qualification in my country etc.

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