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Media without sports - Paper

What do sports fans get out of having the media included in sports?

Latest updates on the past and future

            The sports fans benefit from having the media included in sports especially the access to timely and comprehensive information about their favorite sporting games. The media provides an informative platform for sporting activities by employing sports commentators to discuss their views about the ongoing games. Media reports ought to be objective, but the person commentating has a personal opinion which they use to base their views. The commentators in the media describe and analyze the action for the views thereby enhancing their understanding of the game. They discuss events prior to the event using a style of presentation that has a close relationship to a mass audience culture. Some TV stations have turned football games from a Saturday game to an everyday event and hence attracting more viewership (Saini, 2015). The media platforms like TV and the Internet have tapped the benefits of the influence of technology in sporting activities. They use cameras mounted in goals, underneath water, and in the racing cars, thereby providing the viewer at home an enhanced coverage than the live spectator. The action replays makes it easy to analyze a game than the live spectator. Satellite communication also enables international games to be aired live to all homes in which the rights to broadcast sports is sold to the highest bidder. It is, therefore, evident that sports fans benefit immensely from having the media included in sports.

            Most of the funding acquired by the sports teams comes from the TV firms that pay huge sums of money to cover the sports.  The advertisers as well as sponsors support the sport due to the exposure they get. Some people train for the sport since the media offers them a platform to demonstrate their talents. The media attracts sports sponsors which are a method of advertising and attracting paying customers to the media's presentation.     

            The sports fans get the latest updates on the past and the future about their favorite sporting activities. There are sports hubs that provide news and up to date sports like football, basketball, athletics, cricket, and volleyball among others. Viewers do not only rely on the sports groups, advertisers, or the players but also from the daily news that fully engage the fans. The primary goal of any media group is to offer the most comprehensive details as received from the players and the associations linked to a sporting event. Many sports fans depend on the media for live coverage of the sporting activities and also analysis of the past, present, and the future games. Without the media in sports, the increased love for sports by both men and women would not be evident. It is an undisputable fact that the social media has a significant impact on the sports teams. Individuals get more information on sports from social media platforms like twitter and Instagram. The platforms are user-friendly and make it easy for the users to search for sporting topics and follow them (Behan, 2015). As such, the involvement of the media in sports has several benefits to the sports fans whose impacts cannot be understated. 

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