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How to improve your concentration power for study

Concentration on any work is significant in all sphere of life. Let's talk about studies, effective study is only possible if you study with full concentration throwing off mind all the inappropriate thoughts which interrupt in the process of learning. Concentration means to throw off mind all pointless thoughts and change all the mental abilities on a point. Usually the rays of sun don't burn a paper, because these rays are discrete but if the rays of sun are converged upon paper with the help of lens, it burns the paper immediately. Similarly change your mental abilities enables productive study.

Many numbers of students claim that they just can't focus, and that minds race from one thing to another and their thinking are all over the place - except on their studies.

Better focus and concentration makes life easier and more creative, and anyone can make it happen.

Use these simple-to-do lifestyle changes and skills:

1. Try to get good amount of sleep: Sleeping is most important to every human being, it provides relaxation to your body so, please take at least 6 to 8 hour rest for relaxation and refreshment of your mind. A fresh and relaxed mind can concentrate very easily.

2. Regular exercise and medication: Our brain takes its macro and micro nutrients from blood for functioning appropriately. Physical exercise and medication speed up your blood circulation to brain and get well nourished. So, physical exercise and medication is very significant for improving concentration power.

3. Make a plan or your timetable: Draw a schedule for your study and extra activities. With the help of time table you can divide your work into logical section because of that you can concentrate more on your study and other activity throughout the day.

4. Distraction free place for study: Find a distraction free place for your study, in simple term study in quiet place free from any kind of distraction.

5. Avoid multitasking: While you study avoid playing with otherthings like messaging, social networking and playing a game on your mobile phone. In study time use your complete focus on studies no extra activities on that time.

6. Free mind: While you study throw off your mind all the inappropriate thoughts, if you are obsessed by a certain thing, try to a find a solution to your problem. Anxiety makes its difficult to concentrate on any kind of work.

7. Take short break in long time period studies: If you are study for a long time, you get frustrated and just because of that you can't be able to maintain your concentration on work. In that time you should have to take a small break for refreshment and relaxation.

8. Stay motivated: Set your goal, how much chapter and how much question you have to complete in day.

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