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Evaluation of economic issues

A national challenge that requires change is fiscal sustainability because the challenge gets shared by all levels of government. An offer of a broad perception, the government has developed a model that is unique to replicate fiscal results for all states including the local government region (Page & Santoro, 2010). However, giving a proper understanding of the probable upcoming fiscal conditions of the entire state and the local government sector is essential for the federal policymaking.

When addressing the effective economic issues, various changes get required on the local, state or federal level. While researching texts written about local, state or federal, I found much discussion on the changes that are used to address the economic issues. Some of the changes are: Enhancing strong partnership among all the intergovernmental members and nonprofit body, streamlining the grants organization process and tracking by giving an evaluation of performance to include the transparency of grants spending.

In the current budget, federal grants are in general projected to enhance the efforts made by the entire state and the local government rather than displacing them. For instance, many programs that are in the grant include the matching requirements provisions. They entail the entire state and the local governments to give a contribution pay for a certain program which is from nonfederal revenues.

The provisions cause the entire state and the local governments to give many contributions for a program than the way they had expected. However, they may limit their ability by preferring to spend their stated revenues according to their given policy of priorities. Furthermore, the current body of financial budget impacts people on the local level.  The reason is that the great variety of the intergovernmental programs and the rules that follow make it very hard to draw a close, broad conclusion.

Views on the possible amendment to the United States bill requiring a well balanced federal financial plan at the federal stage have many proposers. It will help the country balance its given budget every year, however giving prevention from running deficits and many debts yearly (Hyde, 1998). For instance, there are pros for the amendment: the balanced budget amendment will be essential because it will help solve fiscal calamities. It will end annual budget deficit and prevent the incoming assembly from depending on tax increases or seeking assistance from other states to give a balance.

After evaluating the impact of the economic issues, I have realized that using accountability, evaluation and policy change can apply in my daily life work activities.  Having an evidence of progress maintains accountability for a running project. Enhancing evaluation will help measure progress to an outcome that gets expected; a well-balanced budget will bring a proper outcome. The policy change will help determine where your policy change is required either in your budget or on your schedule.

In conclusion, evaluation of economic issues within the local, state or federal level is important. It is a recommendation that a balanced federal budget gets required in all states and the local governments.  Changes evolved in the economic issues are important because the help in fixing economic challenges in the local state or federal level.

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