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Thematic Strategy For Research- DILLA UNIVERSITY, ETHIOPIA

Thematic Strategy For Research- DILLA UNIVERSITY, ETHIOPIA

Introduction to Dilla University

Dilla University is the largest educational facility among the many institutions found in Gedeo zone, Ethiopia, East Africa. As an educational excellence and research centre, Dilla University strives to attain its vision and ensure the socio-economic development of the surrounding, national and international community as a whole. The research strategy discussed in the paper is for the period of five years, 2017-2022. The aim of the research strategy is to use the available resources of the university and plan for the future needs and skill requirement. The focus remains on the contribution of the university in Ethiopia and East Africa region.

Mission of Dilla University

The mission of Dilla University is to prepare knowledgeable, skilled and mature graduates in Ethiopia and East Africa. It also aims to provide training and community services pertinent to the country's and the region's priority needs. The university will promote research, but not limit itself, in areas that are prioritised in the national educational and social development policies of the country.


Given the tremendous expertise of the faculty in virtually every discipline that affects humanity and the planet, Dilla University can play a powerful role in addressing the global problems by advancing solutions that are sustainable, equitable, promote diversity and social justice. The areas in which the research strategy will focus on are following:

Disciplinary Excellence and Strategic Leadership

Dilla university aims to publish high quality, impactful research, with an overall profile of over 35% world-leading publications. One of the objectives is to be recognised both in Africa and internationally for the application of research which would benefit industry, commerce, government and society as a whole.

Technologies for the 21st century

At the very centre of all engineering disciplines are basic sciences that will be advanced and promoted. With its focus on future skills and technologies, Dilla University aims to build a future without walls by forming multiple cross-disciplinary teams to address the world's most challenging problems. According to World Economic Forum 2016, the ten most challenging problems of the world are 1. Agriculture and food security, 2. Economic growth and 3. Social inclusion, 4. Environment and natural resource security, 5. The future of the global financial systems, 6. Gender parity, 7. International trade, investment and long term investing, 9. Infrastructure and development and 10. Healthcare.

In order to address these challenging world issues, Dilla University aims to foster a long-term, strategic relationships with companies, foundations, governmental organizations, and other partners to advance research. There is a very strong need for a culture of innovation for the future, for this purpose it is important to nurture the next generation of globally recognised engineers and researchers.

Maintain A Competitive and Sustainable Funding Mechanisms.

Economic resources and funding opportunities are primary needs for a successful research strategy. Dilla university will introduce competition-based fund allocation for colleges and individual researchers in the university. The objective is to gain approximately 30 percent of the research funds from the private sector by the year 2022. There is also a plan to generate approximately 10 percent of the research budget from philanthropic sources. At least 15 percent of the research expenditures will be covered with funds from internal sources.

Dissemination, Communication and Knowledge Sharing.
Dilla University plans to organize international annual research conference. The papers and proceedings of the conferences and the research findings will be published on the open access journals. The final report of the research findings will be distributed and shared with our key stakeholders.

The research findings will also be shared with the general public through the available media outlets. By promoting an environment of innovation, solutions will be delivered to the university partners in industry, public, and wider community, nationally and internationally. Dilla university aims at 20 percent of its research with industries and 40 percent with the regional community through effective partnerships.

By building synergies between research and innovation strengths as well by creating conditions for maximum research impact at both national and international level. The research strategy will also raise the profile of the University and extend our influence through targeted innovation forums for key stakeholders in government, industry and the third sector twice every year. The university will develop structures and programs that encourage 15% of high achieving undergraduates to pursue postgraduate research degrees at the Dilla University.

Since Dilla university is committed to the development and promotion of Ethiopia and east Africa, it will introduce a university-wide, recruitment strategy for both Ethiopian and international postgraduate research students. There is an aim to ensure that all the postgraduate researchers work in an environment that integrates them into the wider university research culture.

Parameters for evaluations

Dilla university will benchmark its success in terms of the outcomes of its educational and research programs, research impact, publications, awards, international recognition or other areas deemed appropriate according to academic unit, discipline and activity.


The research strategy for Dilla University, Ethiopia, is focussed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of students from Ethiopia and East Africa. The university aims at providing quality teaching and research environment aligned with the national policies of the country. The objectives of the research strategy are to address the local challenges as well as the global challenges of the future.

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