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Children's Education Rights-history of education in the United States

The topic relate to the history of education in the United States

Education is an important aspect that has played significant role in the evolution and transformation of the human race. It helps in constant development of an individual and breaks the vicious circle of poverty that traps numerous children across the world. All the countries across the globe are working towards improvising their education system and making efforts to reach it out to more and more numbers of children. Education has evolved gradually with the development of human race, unlike any other country the educational history of United States of America has also grown slowly.    

History of Education in United States

Education is the most essential element for development of the nation and its people and is therefore a fundamental right of every child. A well established education system is a mandatory requirement of any country as it gives critical input to productivity and enhances the economic growth by augmenting the productivity of every individual. A good education system has its roots in basic literacy as it is essential for a well functioning democracy. The Schooling spurs innovation and invention and the religious believes also play decisive roles in fostering both private and public education.     

Education system of United States of America has seen manifold changes over past 250 years, but during the nineteenth century there was rapid spread of education among the people of United States. Studies reveal that by 1840, the primary school enrolment per capita in United States exceeded that of Germany (Goldin, 1999). Since long America has borrowed several educational institutions and concepts and have tailored them in their own way.

Historical Development of Education

In the past the fundamental education of the American children started at home where Mother's played vibrant role in explaining basing things to the children. The primary education for the upper class children started in United States during the Colonial period and it was only restricted to reading, writing simple mathematics, prayers and poems. The commonly used books included Bible, Hornbook and a primer; due to the scarcity of books the students were encouraged to recite the lessons.  


The Massachusetts Education Act of 1642 is considered to be the foundation stone of American Education System (Hazlett, 2011). The law was made with the idea to make the children learn about the religious principles and laws of commonwealth, and this law had nothing to do with schools.    

Old Deluder Satan Act of 1647

The Massachusetts Law was followed by the Old Deluder Satan Act and this Law for the first time formalized the schooling system. Under this Law fifty families used to together hire a Schoolmaster to teach their children.

Thomas Jefferson's Two Track Educational System

In 1780 a proposal of two-track educational system was made for the "laboring and the learned" by Thomas Jefferson (Prater, 2012). He was of the opinion that all the children should be educated (especially the whites) regardless of birth and wealth and this should be done on public expense. But he divided the Americans into two classes 'the laboring' and 'the learned', and announced that the scholarship should be given to some good students from the laboring class.

After this initiative of Thomas Jefferson, the public education system evolved in United States and the abolition of slavery after the Civil War in 1865, gradually lead to the desegregation of Public School by 1950 (Prater, 2012). The Universal K-12 Public Education System has been implemented since then with the focus of educating all the children at the nation's expense.   

How did the individuals come to be where and who they were?

The American education System has evolved gradually, initially only the men were encouraged to take higher level of education, gradually this divide was removed and the children were grouped into Blacks and Whites. The children belonging to White Community were considered to be superior and were given better privileges than their counterparts. It was until the system of Education For All that all the children of the country were considered equal. The country now has well established education system and it gives equal opportunity to everyone without any discrimination. 

What were their experiences? give some example how can children's right help to increase the child's education. 

The spread of education helped spread awareness among the children, it enhanced their capacities and skills and made them independent, though discrimination prevailed but education helped to narrow this gap to a great extent. Several examples in the past reveal how education has helped the discriminated people to come out of vicious circle of poverty and made a mark in the society. The present President of United States of America Honorable Barrack Obama is a living legend who has significantly proved his capacities to the world by becoming the First Black President of United States despite much adversities.    
How did society influence the events that took place?

After the development of the education system in America a drastic change was visible in the beginning, there was rapid increase in the rate of educated people as education was made available for all. But the picture is not as lucid, the education which is seen as equalizer is more of a myth than reality, though in the past the people got opportunity to study but the present scenario states that the presence of large numbers of poor children depict that education has failed to fill the gap. The difference can be tracked since beginning as the performance of the child in elementary, middle school and college shows considerable differences by income or poverty status, this difference increases the stratification as to who graduates from college. A research done by Reardon shows the gap in the test scores between the low income students and the affluent ones, it reflects that the gap between the duo has increased by 40% since 1960s (S.Tavernise, 2012 ).               

What lessons may we learn from all involved? What we can learn from children's education right.

Education being the most essential pillar does not require to prove its legitimacy and importance, children are the future of the nation they are the nation builders and their development is foremost responsibility of the country. A child cannot grow efficiently without getting educated and therefore the education rights become foremost important for them. The Children's education rights being one of the fundamental rights of the country explain that these rights do not only educate children in terms of knowledge but also develop skills and capacities in them that can help them in better growth, while making valuable contribution to the society.

The Children's Education Rights are therefore the maneuver to prepare the children for the future challenges, help them setting up new goals and encourage them to contribute through their skills and knowledge. Education that starts at primary level does not only help the children in learning but also provides them safe and amiable environment away from their parents. 

What unique or significant tidbits did you learn? What is the most important points we have to know about children's education right. 

I have learnt about the evolution of education system in United States of America, how it has impacted the American society and the benefits being derived from it. The most important learning is about what importance does education holds in the life of an individual. Education therefore forms the basis for any individual it is the fundamental human right of every children and no child should thus be deprived from getting educated. These rights not only enhance a child mentally but also strengthen them for their future challenges and help them overcome any hurdles in life. 

Why is their story important? Why I have to write and talk about children's education right. 
I chose to write about the children's education right as in my opinion a well functioning education system forms the basis of any country. Children being the foundation of any nation need special care and attention, during their time of nurturing not just the health but also their mental development become extremely important. It is therefore imperative that every child must get to exercise his/her educational rights, no one should be deprived of education on the basis of any kind of discrimination. It is true that the American education system has rose to new heights but the country still practices remains racial segregation in a subtle manner.

Child rights are inherent rights of the human beings for all the children below the age of 18 years, these rights are applicable on every child irrespective of caste, colour, creed, sex etc as it assures equality to all. Every child has the right to grow up gracefully and gain new experiences, they should not be abused or exploited and only through education they can get this strength and courage to be on their feet. Only a good education system can help the students to enhance their capacities and provide them secure human rights.  It can help in the all-round development of the child and prepare the child to take onus of his own life.    

A good educational system is not just the reflection of progress but also helps one have faith in the system of the country. Since education widens the horizon of a person therefore every child must equal learning opportunity but ironically millions of children are betrayed of early quality learning and which results in disparity and widening the gap between the people at different levels.

What happened? The reason to find children' education right, when it started, and where it arrive. 

Education grew with its own pace in the United States, initially when it remained restricted to people of elite class but gradually its spread became unstoppable. Various laws and legislative enactments were therefore made to empower the children of the country. The country has made various initiatives but racial segregation still persists. America can surely claim of one of the best Universities in the world but they have still failed to achieve equality. Segregated schools for the Afro Americans have long been the feature of the American Education System, thus United States first national affirmation of "the right to education" was symbolized in Supreme Courts decision of 1954. Ironically the right to education still does not become a fundamental right in the United States as it is not mentioned in the Constitution of the country.    

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