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Hip Hop Cover Stories That Get The Media's Attention in 2016?

Hip Hop Cover Stories That Get The Media's Attention in 2016?


There are several media channels that have gathered attention of the most popular Hip Hop Cover Story of various hip hop artists during the year 2016. The important channels include the flow online web portal, entertainment, television broadcasts, audio music, interviews, u-tube and the print media of Hip Hop News.  These media channels are updated every now and then. This reveals the latest Hip Hop Cover Story of hip hop artists inducted into the society, their practice of hip hop culture, community, different movies and music, and other forms of entertainment.

Updated information through Hip Hop Cover Story

Most of the updated cover stories available on the flow online website cover this information in a well designed and logistical manner. It is possible for the fans to view all these media channels that have attracted numerous hip hop stars, practicing hip hop culture. The hip hop music and the television channels offer you entertainment throughout the day and night, giving you wonderful experience of streaming music as well. In the Hip Hop News published every now and then, it is possible for you to have thorough knowledge about the latest models of cars used by these hip hop stars.

Hip Hop Cover Story of Chris Brown

One of the hip hop cover stories that has attracted the media attention is about Chris Brown. According to Hip Hop News, this famous hip hop star has been sued as he takes the hat of Marg Stevenson, another hip hop star. However, in order to come out of this issue, Chris Brown apparently gave the hat to someone, signed by him, but the hat was not traceable. In this regard, Marg Stevenson has claimed that he was intimidated by the staff of Chris Brown after he tried to get his hat back. Under this scenario, the Hip Hop Cover Story of Chris brown, continues to tell us about the law suit filed by Marg Stevenson on Chris Brown.

Hip Hop Cover Story of Jason Derulo

This is a typical Hip Hop Cover Story of a wonderful hip hop artist. The story is revealed through an audio interview media conducted by Matthew Shack. The audio is published in the form of an album. According to the Hip Hop News, Jasen Derulo is living and hoping to become a great and the richest American hip hop star, one day. He is a native of Miami and signed a deal with an album producer after composing his songs. One of the songs reached double platinum as his first album was sold over five million copies through digital media downloads. Fans listened to this great hip hop star in the US as well as New Zealand.

Hip Hop Cover Story of Smilez and Southstar

This is another typical Hip Hop Cover Story of a wonderful hip hop artist, known as Smilez and Southstar. The media through which the interview was conducted was audio, by Matthew Shack. The front cover of The Flow Online magazine is a print media on which the cover story of both Smilez and Southstar is published.


In general, with all the 351 hip hop stories that have got the media's attention in 2016, it has been ascertained that hip hop is no longer considered as a culture. It is a business altogether, as this culture has been tremendously commercialized now. Hence, the various media through which this Hip Hop Cover Story is populated include Corporate America, corporate-owned record labels, magazines or cable channels. In fact they are in complete control of this Hip-Hop business.

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