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Project management that designed to achieve the full construction for the Company

As an external consultant, I have been working around project management milestones set for the J. Smith & Associates since it is requested by Company's founder J. Smith to look into the overhaul of the organizational structure in order to set a foundation for the next 30 years.

Company's struggled issues in its infrastructure since it has been continuously growing and there is continuous demand to focus on more construction and they have done with new offices but they have faced many challenges due to less organized and lacked strategic construction work therefore, for achieving the current goals with minimal issues here, considering the need of estimated timings, costing, and milestones achievement for this large project. I would like to introduce a complete drafted overview of high level project management life cycle that can help to understand the need of the Company and what should be on different construction sites therefore, this is my job to demonstrate the schedule of high-level project milestones met in order to achieve the goals through different stages classification, Method 123. (2013).  

So, I have started to look into this large project management that designed to achieve the full construction for the Company and are set to meet the needs of next 30 years plan for the Company that can reduce the overhead of repetitive construction and costing would continuously increase if Company will delay its operations in this project. Hence, proposing the effective high-level 3 years plan construction project management plan for the Company. Since, there is a need of complete Project Management Life Cycle (PLMC) model that require to consider all the stages of the project since beginning to final completion, Method 123. (2013).  

PLMC can significantly be useful to divide the work in different stages and determine the objective of these phases so that to achieve the different milestones in small set of accomplishment and can understand the hurdles, and project process until it gets complete.

I have taken four main stages along with different sub-stages which require to consider the different small sub-sets in order to meet objectives, Method 123. (2013) [please consider the detailed attached Project Schedule of J. Smith & Associates].

1. Preconstruction Phase: This is the very first stage and it required to divide into four sub stages i.e. Planning Process Group, Scoping Process Group, Financial Estimation and Management, and Timelines for All Offices Foundation.

1)      Planning Process Group: In this stage, considered the need of planning that include; requirements from different offices locations, vendors information, and analysis.

2)      Scoping Process Group: In this stage, defined the scope of the project completion by substituting different location options and requirements and check the feasibility for each location.

3)      Financial Estimation and Management: Yet to decide since it's dependent on precedent stages where scope will determine the required financial needs but it would take only 10 days to define the estimated budget for the project.

4)      Timelines for All Offices Foundation: Yet to decide since it's dependent on precedent stages where scope will determine the required timings.

Once, this Preconstruction Phase will get complete then can look into project construction. 

2. Construction Phase: This stage will help to allocate resources in each offices, designate the work, can start the process of the work, and monitor over all the offices construction sites.

1)      Launching Process Group: This stage will help to determine the work progress in all offices locations and sites and there would be complete work breakdown structure that would define the schedule for each task and allocated employee for the particular task with given timeframe.

2)      Controlled and Monitoring Process Group: This will help to control and monitor the construction at each site and help on control over the risks as well as hurdles while developing the work.

3. Post Construction Phase: This stage is for reviewing the complete project including all sites at different office locations and ensure all are meeting the estimated timelines as well as costing and accomplishing the requirements which is most important.

1)      Project Close out Process Group: This stage helps to understand the complete process, must check its meeting overall requirements what was planned and estimated. It also helps to know the mistakes what we have done throughout the process so that to improve the next project.

Hence, this is the complete PMLC that can help Company to complete this project successfully. However, there are few sub-tasks which need to be done like; WBS, Costing estimation, and benefits from this project.

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