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Paper-Laptop versus Tablet

Laptop versus Tablet

Chief Attractive Features of Laptops and Tablets worth Purchasing

Laptops are used for business purposes with lot of connectivity and systems support. Hard disk capacity of laptop is much larger provided with more options of operating systems. On the other hand, with the inauguration of iPad apps "tablet devices have been considered as being more portable, interactive, and engaging tools" (An, 2014, p. 24). They are most convenient as media players and e-book readers. Traditional computer users who may be uncomfortable with touch screen may attach external keyboards. Yet, laptops are less expensive than tablets. Bidgoli (2014) pointed out that "size, battery life, availability of productive tools, hardware/software support, are the key factors to consider when choosing between a tablet and a laptop, although the line between the two is becoming more and more blurred" (42). The battery life of laptop is three hours compared to ten hours battery life of a tablet. Laptops have abundance of peripheral devices. The specification of requirements determines the selection. A laptop is a suitable choice if a device equipped with lots of hardware and software support is needed for business goals, programming and gaming projects. Tablets are lighter, easy to carry and fortified by several software applications at affordable price or even free.

Key Features of Laptop and Tablet and Characteristics Influencing Decision

Technological advancement has made laptops lighter, powerful and reasonably priced. Laptops run on the operating system similar to desktop computer and they are internalized with Wi-Fi, webcam, microphone, speakers, and ports. It can play music, movies and games. James (2013) briefed that the principal feature of tablet is its touch screen computing application besides "the reduced size and weight, small display type and size, networking features" that renders it so handy "anytime and anywhere for chatting, watching TV, browsing the internet, downloading files and so on" (14). The small screen size with high resolution presents a readable luxury. The technical attributes of laptop are detailed into categories like number of processors, RAM, and display. Besides, the ergonomic characteristics such as size of keyboard and mouse, status indicators and handling comfort also qualify as aspects of laptops. The characteristics that would influence my decision of buying are that the device should have sufficient RAM, word processing capacity and lighter. For this, I should prefer a laptop because tablets would not able to handle word processing and spreadsheets. A laptop is ideal for a professional while a tablet is good for listening to music and net navigating. A laptop has good deal of RAP and potential for performing word processing and programming with good networking facility.

Three Best Selling tablets

Samsung is the top tablet brand. Some of its items are 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 and the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 2. These two came loaded with Android Ice Cream Sandwich with voice calling, video conferencing and AllShare Play (allowing sharing media between devices) facilities. Samsung's XE700 tablet and 10.1-inch Galaxy Note are also popular items. Panasonic is the second famous tablet after Samsung. Its favourite brands include 10.1-inch, 16-GB tablet, the Toughpad FZ-A1. It is not only water proof and wind proof but it is almost unbreakable if dropped from nearly four feet. The FZ-A1 has security core for data encryption. Lenovo is the third best tablet with its designation from ThinkPad line namely the 10.1-inch, 64-GB ThinkPad Tablet 2. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 runs the Windows 8 operating system and a 1.8-GHz Intel Atom Processor. I would buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab  Pro 10.1 because it offers everything a super tablet gives. It has a fantastic screen resolution 1hich appears like the page of a glossy magazine. It supports video conferencing and it is flexible for net surfing. The greatest plus point is its portability.

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