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Evaluation of Practicum Experience


            In the entire DNP Program, the practicum experience has created a new perspective on how to handle organizational and systems issues in healthcare. As such, focus is to understand the impact of evidence-based practice and decision-making process in the health care (Compton et al., 2013). This is because these are the key factors, which influence the attainment of positive outcomes. Further, health care issues should be addressed in accordance to the existing policy in healthcare and focusing on the working environment of staff, as well as the need to improve the patient outcomes. Presently, I am now ready to assume the leadership role of developing quality health policy. This is because I do understand the impact of leadership in nursing and policy developing. These health policies influence the functionality of health care facilities.

Furthermore, I am highly confident and determined to become a team leader and have an inter-professional team. Such includes being ready to offer leadership in the resolution and evaluation of legal and ethical issues in healthcare. Moreover, I have a good experience and added knowledge and skills on how to become an effective leader in addressing different matters and concepts in healthcare. This entails embracing an effective leadership style, which will result in the attainment of better patient outcomes.

Advanced nursing practice

            About the DNP Essentials, the practicum experience has offered a great opportunity for me to develop the competencies of advanced nursing practice. I now understand the essence of embracing an effective evidence-based practice and patient-centered healthcare approach (Sun et al., 2016). This includes focusing on ethical and moral conduct when executing nursing duties in different ways. Further, I am able now to use a professional and ethical approach when addressing the needs of patients in different healthcare settings.

Promoting quality improvement

            Before the practicum, I did not use technology and information systems as tools for quality improvement. The experience gained is that technology and information systems are the key tools for quality improvement. This occurs through sharing of knowledge and skills in the nursing field, as well as recording, storing, and transfer of patient data. Hence, the processes and operations in a health care facility are improvement by technology and information systems.

Improving health outcomes

            Remarkable changes experienced after the practicum were on the improvement of health outcomes. Good health outcomes indicate that the healthcare facility is focused on satisfying the needs of the patients. Thus, the practicum has depicted the essence of good leadership, use of modern systems, and adopting patient-centered care and evidence-based practice as a means of improving the outcomes in health care (Tastan et al., 2015). Further, working as a team by educating others on how to engage in better practice methodologies is a key means of ensuring that all the staff members in a healthcare facility are working to deliver high quality services. Team work is the key towards experiencing better health care outcomes. Thus, all the employees in a healthcare facility should work as a team through good leadership.  

Informing healthcare policy

            Focusing on the key stakeholders of healthcare policy is a good experience gained from the practicum. As such, the policies should be developed while taking into consideration the needs of all stakeholders, as well as ensuring that better outcomes are attained in healthcare. Criticism on healthcare policy is now based on the satisfaction level of the consumers, professionals, and other stakeholders (Fuentes-Pumarola et al., 2016). This is because the practicum experience has depicted a need to have these issues addressed in all types of healthcare policies to ensure that service delivery occurs successfully. 

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