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Best Strategies to write Reflective research and applied research

Best Strategies to write Reflective research and applied research

Writing Reflective research and applied research paper are not as easy as a piece of cake. For most of the students, writing research paper is toughest time of their course duration because it takes lots of skills and knowledge to do research work. Things get worst when research work comes with short deadline. To write a quality reflective research and applied research paper student needs to make a strategy by which he/she can work effectively on research paper. In research paper you need to draw concrete and specific details from the text and experience for conclusion.

                                  Reflection Research paper can be subjective and personal but need to maintain in academic tone. Whereas in Applied research papers you have to work on only applicable facts and evidence which are based on your studied subject. In Applied research paper, a methodology is constructed to solve a specified particular problem. To write effective research paper either Reflective research or applied research, you have to prepare yourself by adopting given strategies in your plan. These can be:

Collect your research material:

Before starting work on research paper, first you have to collect the university guidelines and instructions from your professor. The entire requirement must be cleared. Next you have to do profound research on your research materials. Spend time in research work because your hard work in research will directly reflect in your paper.

Avoid Fallacious Evidences:

Your research will be based on given evidences so needless to say you have to include only genuine evidence. Quality of evidences is on more priority as compare to quantity of false evidences. So make sure your conclusion must be drawn on basis of genuine and given evidences.

Page Layout, Style and Formatting

Formatting of paper plays a lead role in your research work. Take care of page layout in which you need to meet with requirement. Title of page, page numbering, spacing and justification, font size, and font style etc are some requirements which you have to fulfill as per the given instructions.  The appearance of research work can be used to impress your professor.

Chapter's outline:

There is a standard format which is adopted by most of the universities for research paper. You should use this outline of research work:

  • Title Page
  • Table of content
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Conclusion and recommendation.
  • References
  • Appendix

The given format gives the outline of your research paper. Whether you are writing reflective research paper or applied research paper in both cases this format is useful but you should first check your requirement given by college just to be safer side.

Assumptions are precious!

All research works make assumptions. You should state the importance of assumptions in that context. So before making assumptions, make sure you are perfectly calling them in proper place.

Avoid casual writing style!

How professionally you are writing the research paper depends on your writing skills. You should avoid casual writing style in research paper. Most of the professors are very strict to student's writing work. Also try to describe the actions in place of persons to make your research work event oriented.

The Heart of the research paper

Source of research paper is the heart of research paper which nourishes your research work. While referencing, keep in mind the format you are using there. APA Style, Harvard style, MLA, oxford etc are some types of referencing style. So check the requirement Make sure you are using it in right style.

Don't Forget to give Final Touch!

Before submitting the work proofread the entire research work. This will help you kick out many errors and allow you make edition where needed.

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