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Tips to Write Successful Capstone Project - Get help with Tutors

Tips for successful Capstone project

It will not be wrong by saying that Capstone project is the last obstacle in your path of course. Being in last year you have to prepare capstone project or final year project as winning shot. Till now you have done many assignments but now this project will going to be very crucial for your success of course. Needless to say, you have to give your best to get a feather in your cap. Some of students  under-estimate the importance of capstone project but believe me it is a task of great effort taking because it will show your understanding over subject and what you have learned during your course.

         Before initiating work on capstone project first thing is to know what is this and why it is in your course program. Capstone project can be compared by a cap of stone which has to be place over your building to give a complete look. Similarly, you are asked to do this to furnish your course work. So it is high time to start it at the drop of the hat.

 A strategy for good capstone project

Capstone project will be based on your earlier course work so right from the beginning you need to work smartly because it will take extraction of your last work. With the help of some tips you can jump this hurdle as well, these tips are explained below:

1. Collect Ingredients!

Your last submissions will work as raw materials to prepare the capstone project. These submissions can be assignments, essays, research work, and case study etc.  Capstone project will be prepared on certain topic keeping in mind the concept of earlier academic work. This topic can be chosen by you or given by professor.

2. Well begun is half done!

In first step, make sure the selected title should be verified from your professor before start writing on project. Collect all study materials from library, internet, and journals etc. And now you have to prepare a capstone draft or capstone proposal which will be outline of your entire project. Your draft of capstone will show how your final project will be look so spend some time to prepare it wisely. You should display your capstone project proposal to professor to ensure that you are on right path of work. If he suggests some rectification to do then you must do that on priority and again check with him.

3. Finalize the project!

To complete the capstone project, get the help of outline given in proposal of capstone. In this you need to follow guidelines for format of capstone project. These formats vary university to university so before following any particular one, crosscheck with your professor just to be safer side. You should use this format of capstone project writing which is illustrated below:

  • Cover Page: The cover page of your work tells about student details, assignment submission date, professor's name etc.
  • Table of content: In table of content you mention heading of contents. This should be updated every time when you make any correction in the paper. If you avoid it then your TOC will direct you to the topic on wrong page number.
  • Table of figure: In this you have to mention all the figures what you have used in your body of project. This is not compulsory in many universities so check the guideline first.
  • Introduction: Your project work start from here. Be specific and mention your work briefly about your research. This is very important and attention grabbing part so cover this part intelligently.
  • Literature review: In literature review part, you have to include your knowledge of last submissions so that you can work on further by using facts and research analysis. This is right place to use all findings of research work.
  • Methodology: In this section you can explain the entire motive of capstone project subject. You have to write down all your research work and the method of finding sources. How you collected the data, issues and their outcome etc all these need to place in this body.
  • Conclusion: This part is obligatory in most of the capstone project format. Here you will conclude the research by giving outcomes of study especially based on given facts.
  • References: Don't forget to add this in the end of the project. This is that part which shows how good and genuine sources you have used. Also check the referencing style given in requirement.
  • 1600_capstone_project_assignment_help.png

These are some tips for perfect formatting your capstone project. You need to keep an eye on these as well while writing the project:

  • Avoid spelling and syntax error
  • Use in-text citation where needed
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