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How to make first day of college memorable

How to make first day of college memorable

 "First impression is the last impression" well said and applied in our life in many times. Your first day in college is one of your beautiful days of your life. You might have waiting for this day for long and time has come now. Undoubtedly, first day of college is a red letter day for individual.  Now you are in dual state of mind; one side you are on cloud nine for entering your first step in college life but on the other side you are little bit nervous and worried  thinking of how that day will be. Well, here you will get some tips to make your first day in college memorable. These useful tips are:



How you look describes you what you are feeling that time. Dressed up to the nine! With the help of good dressing sense, you can make you presence in crowd easily. Dressing to kill is a formula to get others attention. In this era of fashion where people is more conscious about their look, you should maintain a good dressing especially in public. Wear good casual clothes along with necessary accessories but avoid overuse of these accessories like multiple chains, bracelets etc.

Be confident:

It matters a lot how you behave socially. May be you are nervous inside but you have to be confident and energetic all day. Meet with your seniors, teachers and peers confidently. Always keep your chin up. Don't try to be over-confident because you are new there and you don't know much about the environment of college.  = 

Take part in activities:

Don't hesitate to take part in extracurricular activities. Remember; don't wait for perfection to show your talent. Your effort leads you to perfection. This is the place where you can show your hidden skills. Take part in dance, music, singing, drama, skit, etc. If you love sports, go and take participate in games activities. This will be uniqueness among your friends and beneficial as point of view of health.

Interaction with seniors:

Make a good interaction with seniors. They can help you in many ways because they have much experience of everything. You will have to seek their help in upcoming days. Don't hesitate to break the ice with seniors. They may tease you and ask you to do some tasks so instead of losing your temper try to please your seniors with doable efforts. Your behavior must be good. With the help of smiling face you can control many situations so keep smiling. You have to use  the spirit of friendship to win seniors.

Visit Campus:

College campus is a place where you have to spend much time so explore entire college campus.  While visiting laboratories, classrooms, library, seminar, playing grounds, cafeteria etc and make sure you are maintaining discipline there. Every place has its own set of rules and disciplines. You must abide by those rules and disciplines.

Introduce yourself:

High chances that you are asked to introduce yourself in front of seniors, professors, classmates etc. and this is the time to avail the opportunity to let them known about yourself. Practice your introduction very well because public speaking may cause nervousness there. So how good your introduction will depends on your practice and way of delivering that.

Greet professors:

While meeting with your professors/teachers give respect them. The way you greet them will leave an impression about your personality and nature. Listen to them carefully and obey their orders and instructions. Before leaving class always get permission from your professor to do so. Pay attention in class and try to seat in front instead of in back seat of class. This will be very helpful to get attention of your professor. 

Besides these tips you have to work on many things which are:

  • Arrange all the things in advance so that you can find that in time.
  • Reach college in time. Coming late gives negative impact on personality so be on time.
  • You have to collect all details about your course subjects and time schedule of classes. Skipping the class on first day will not be in your favor.
  • Be polite and calm in class.
  • Speaking skills and body language work well to impress others so use it wisely.

Hope these tips are very helpful to make your first day of college memorable. Best of luck!=

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