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Data Management Aspects

Data Management Aspects

Data management is one of the iniquitous core tasks in many service and application stacks and the market for databases technologies is a massive and growing market.  This kind of service changes that way a company performs regarding data access, data volume processes and building data-centric applications.

When playing my data running role in the healthcare scheme, I used several aspects of data management. Iidentified the target market, used strategies for collecting data, coordination of data entry and data analysis to final stakeholders. There were several challenges in the healthcare system such as lack of complete and consistent master data. This inefficiency of master data leads to inaccurate reporting for quality improvement, difficulty supporting patient growth strategies and lagging official response

So I had to identify the target population, which includes patients and service providers. I analyzed the patientdata to improve service improve service and quality of care. Multiple patients and workeridentifiers, and even service names can be variable. Data that varies from reference to reference introduces repetitions, inaccuracies and discrepancies that undermine the integrity of reports. So to enhance accuracy, I had to use sampling measures of the target populations. I divided the sampling into two groups. Young children between age 5- 20 and adults. I also generated estimates from the previous year's responses, and from comparisons to hospitals of similar size and orientation.

For situational-aware applications, the main data flow can be separated into two primary components: information extraction where the structured or unstructured data sources are transformed into concept routes, and hybrid query dispensation where these courses are correlated.There were many data collection strategies that I used in combination to reflect the quality of service in the healthcare organization. I used informal quality assessment. It required daily proactive quality evaluation and supervision employing casual side. It is conducted using indirect or direct observation. The other design I used was the questionnaire, directed to both the patients and service providers. It offered detailed information on the level in which the healthcare center was progressing.

Coordinating data entry was also a part of my data management process. The coordination was smooth however there were several difficulties. There were inaccuracies in data entry due to typing and calculation errors. Data remained inconsistent and fragmented, which was a barrier to change. Therefore, when analyzing the data to the final deliverable to stakeholders, it appeared so much confusing.

So to impact change in the current practice, I would achieve a deeper understanding of patient populaces and locateprocesses and facilities ripe for quality improvement. The solution also focuses on information about specialty provider relationships, making it easier to compare provider performance as well as to recognize and reproduce best appliances from in-network doctors. I would also enhance patient support growth. The solution identifies key provider relationships, comparing the geographic distribution of providers and their patient populations to determine the organic growth. And with that implement, I believe hospital will improve in service providing as well as patient satisfaction.

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