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5 Tips! Homework is not a matter of worry anymore

5 Tips!!!...Homework is not a matter of worry anymore

All those who have been parents of school-going children sometime in their lives must have experienced the hassles related to homework. We often find that if teachers do not give homework, parents complain that their children waste time at home in futile pastimes, play, watching TV or in recent times, playing with mobile phones. If teachers give homework, parents complain that it is either too much or too little. The teachers are at a loss to decide what exactly to do, but it is a policy in most schools that children must be given some home assignments daily. Hence, the practice continues. Whether homework should be given or not is a matter of controversy, which perhaps, will never be resolved because there are an equal number of people to argue in favour of both proposals. The fact remains that homework forms an important part of the school routine. All the students cannot do their homework independently. Some children do not like to study at home. As a result, parents have to take initiative, coax the students to complete their homework, help them with it and sometimes do it for the children lest they are punished the next day for not doing it. Hence, whether parents, teachers or students, homework is a matter of worry for everyone.

Let us look at the issue from different angles. According to the teacher, what is taught in school must be revised at home for the purpose of fixation and practice or drilling. Some teachers assign homework just because of school authorities, parents or both insist on it. They think that correcting homework is an additional burden. Parents wish that their children should be engaged with study while at home rather than watching TV or playing. However, it is the children who have to do the homework, and few people consider their point of view.

There can be several reasons why children do not do their homework. Children have fixed and tight schedules like attending coaching classes or sports classes after school. They feel too tired to do homework. Some students are unable to complete homework independently; either they lack initiative or need someone to help them. Some children like to watch TV, draw pictures or engage in other activities of interest rather than doing homework. Some children feel that school is meant for study, and home implies freedom and playtime. Children have different temperaments and inclinations. Children are in the growing stage, and they need enough sleep. If they are overworked, they cannot be expected to stretch their capacities further. Children who are physically weak or mentally disturbed are likely to neglect homework. Neglected children, children with a single parent, children who are constantly abused or nagged are also among those who avoid doing homework. There is another community of children who think that homework should be given only twice a week or on weekends. From the children's perspective, they are all right. So are the parents and teachers. Then how can one stop worrying about homework?

Five useful tips to stop worrying about homework

1.    Try to understand why your child does not wish to do homework. Do not use force or compulsion.

2.    Encourage the child to do homework by promising a reward. The reward should be in kind, like permission to do something that the child likes to do.

3.    Do not nag the child continuously or compare with other children.

4.    Explain the consequences of not doing homework regularly.

5.    Be patient. Give your child some time to come around. If necessary, help a little and boost the child's confidence.

If you follow the five tips, you will soon get over the problem of her son's homework. If you do not have enough time or patience, or if you do not know how to handle her son's homework, paid help is now available online. Some firms provide every kind of necessary support to adamant children. The experts have a knowledge of child psychology, and they can guide and advise the children even while they get homework done from them. The firms appoint qualified teachers and counsellors. The teachers use various strategies to motivate the children to do homework and also to do it independently. They provide useful tips regarding time management and making the task enjoyable. They can be employed on a daily basis so that regular home assignments can be submitted in the school.

Remember; do not do your child's homework in any circumstances. That would be unethical. It would also spoil the child who will begin to expect much from you. It is a general belief that homework has no value. However, research has proved otherwise; "Homework has the potential to be a precious part of students' learning experience. The increasing frequency of inclusive classroom settings, however, makes designing and implementing effective homework a challenge for teachers" ( Carr N. S. 169-82). Educational research has repeatedly established the benefits of homework. To conclude it can be said that teachers ought to assign homework which students find meaningful and interesting. They must not give too much homework or too little of it. Once in a while, the teacher must give concession. The time allotted for completing an assignment must be enough. "When teachers design homework to meet specific purposes and goals, more students complete their homework and benefit from the results" (Epstein and Van Voorhis 181-193). In fact, when teachers properly utilize homework, it produces an effect on learning three times as large as the effect of socioeconomic status ("Academic Development Institute - The Mega System").If your child's homework is a matter of worry for you, you always have the wise option of hiring online help.

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