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How should students whose first language is not English be taught in public schools?

How should students whose first language is not English be taught in public schools?

Schools are the place from where a child starts their new life. It is a stage where a child learns how to stand strong in this competitive world. Many students are brought up in a different environment. Not only their surroundings but their way of growing and mother tongue are different depending on the region. Might possible the mother tongue of students of an area is same but in school, various students came from different areas having a different mother tongue.

Almost every school teaches English it will act as a medium to talk. A medium which acts as a bridge amongst people having different mother tongue or language they spoke. No doubt schools focus on every area of teaching. All these organisations give more preference to the English language. From day one to the last day in school, a child is taught English. Here changes are required at every step of life. English is such a pleasant language but yet hard to learn. It has some hard and fast rules which are meant to be followed in the same manner.

Teaching those rules, learning all of them and above that remembering it for correct use is a challenging task. The task gets more obstacles when it came to a child whose first language is not English or not even close to it. Although teachers always focus on every student from the beginning till the time they gain perfection in it. Usually, when a child is not having English as his/her mother tongue or as their first language, faces problems to learn it. Teachers have to work even harder on them. Especially in public school's teachers try to focus on every child. But for those who do not have English as their first language should be given more importance than those who have English as their mother tongue. The reason behind is these students need more attention and time to understand the concepts to clear them and to learn them.

Many students do not have the English-speaking environment at home. All the learning session and practice are in school only. For such students, special classes for English can be arranged including those who have English as their first language but still needs attention. Teachers can change the pattern of teaching to improve the results. Teachers can teach them with the help of games or by making pluck cards to enhance their vocabulary. Special assemble with English speech, debates or other activities like this can be done to increase the confidence of students.

Competition like essay writing, article writing and much more can be created to improve the English of the students. A session of knowledgeable English movies. Once in a day, week or a month depending on the need of the students. A specific time should fix in which all the will speak their views on a particular topic.

There are many more activities which can be used to increase the vocabulary and knowledge of the students. English is an essential language to learn as it is a medium even in maximum countries English works as a second main language of the country after their nations language. A student can find people speaking English everywhere around them. Not only learning it is sufficient a child has to develop a skill so that he/she can communicate with others. With those who are perfect English men or their mentors.

To build up their communication skills, first a child has to speak without any fear, might possible he/she will commit lots of mistakes but yet this is the best way to start learning. A student can be advised to watch English movies, serials and to read English newspapers. A child can excel in English by focusing. He/she has to follow few basic steps that are reading to read books and newspapers in English. Then to write, writing helps a student to learn more. After reading and writing after excelling their skills, a child should try to speak it and at the end he/she should try to listen in this a student has to observe what the person in front of him is trying to tell. In this manner, a student can improve his English in both the manners i.e. writing and speaking.

It would be not appropriate to say that public school is not giving proper attention to those who have English as their first language and even to those who do not have. They treat every student equally. But there are things which a non-English student wants. He/she might need more attention and time to look after. So public schools should also focus on it that a student might need more time than others and provide things equally.

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